Facebook Advertising For Lawyers: Your Guide to Targeting the Right Clients

By Adrian Aguilera

When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook still reigns supreme. It’s one of the most widely used platforms globally. That’s what makes Facebook advertising for lawyers so powerful. As part of a strategic customer relationship & marketing campaign, your firm can use this social media platform to generate a funnel for traffic, leads, and conversions. 

In this article, we cover why Facebook ads for lawyers are still worth the investment, how you can strategically leverage the platform, and a step-by-step guide on publishing an ad. 

What is Facebook Advertising for Lawyers?

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Advertising on Facebook makes for an excellent platform for marketing your law firm to a highly targeted audience. You can use this tool to achieve a variety of marketing goals, such as:

You might be thinking: “I’ve tried issuing attorney Facebook ads a few times before and it just doesn’t work for me.” If you’re crafting random posts on your law firm’s services, staff bios, and accolades (with the occasional testimonial), you probably won’t reap significant results—even if the posts are targeted and boosted with ad spend. Why? 

  1. The truth is, most people aren’t going to see your ad when they’re watching cat videos and think, “I’m going to reach out to this lawyer first thing tomorrow morning!” Perhaps they don’t need your services at the time, or they’re not ready to pull the trigger.
  2. Or, the firm-centric nature of these ads may not engage your audience. Facebook users will know you’re a lawyer when they see your post. There’s no need to further promote what you already are within the ad. 
  3. Finally, touting accolades and experience won’t always be enough to set you apart.  Your law firm competition will probably claim “20-plus years of business with the best litigation team in town” as well.  

Instead, issue pure editorial content that positions your firm as an expert source on real issues that speak to your target audience. And then follow it with a CTA. This significantly increases the chance that one of your target audiences will consider your firm when they actually need your services.

Below are examples of strong blog/video content.

  • Personal Injury: 4 Actions Construction Workers Should Immediately Take if Injured on the Job
  • Family Law: On the Verge of Divorce? Your Rights As A Father 
  • Bankruptcy Law: 5 Key Tips Toward Saving A Struggling Business—Even if it’s Currently Thriving

See the difference? Start by building a marketing campaign with strong, consistent content that benefits Facebook users and ends with a CTA. These actions could include subscribing to an email newsletter, downloading an ebook, or joining an informative law firm Facebook group webinar/Q&A session that you or a fellow attorney issues.

For more information on building a law firm brand, read how to make your law firm stand out. 

Why Are Facebook Ads Important for Lawyers?

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Although there are rumors that the OG social media platform is dying, Facebook is here to stay as a method of growing your law firm. According to a report from Statista, a company specializing in market and consumer data, Facebook is one of the largest online social networks globally. The social media platform had around 2.93 billion monthly active users worldwide during the second quarter of 2022. 

Therefore, attorney Facebook ads should still be part of your marketing efforts and spending. Learn how to get started on your first Facebook ad campaign below. 

Bonus: Also, learn how you can build a strategic marketing campaign with our complete guide to law firm marketing. 

How To Create Facebook Ads for Lawyers

Creating an ad on Facebook is a user-friendly process that can be scheduled for ease and monitored for performance when paired with a strategic marketing campaign. Below are a few steps to get you started. 

1. Create a Facebook Page for Your Law Firm

Start by building your Facebook business page. This dedicated page will be the hub for your posts, pictures, and video. It’s also an excellent source for reviews and referrals for current and past clients. When creating your law firm’s Facebook page, include: 

  • High-resolution images, videos, and GIFs (with consistent branding where appropriate)
  • A detailed description of your law firm, website link, and contact information
  • And non-salesy organic posts (that complement Facebook ads) 

Below is a good example from personal injury firm Jurewitz Law Group. Notice how they use only rich images with their branding in their header image, main photo, and even on their organic post. 

2. Begin Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Setup a campaign by simply clicking “Ads Manager” located on the left of the homepage. Then, select the green “Create” button to build a campaign. 

Afterward, you’ll be able to choose a campaign objective based on your marketing goals. The most popular objectives include:

  1. Awareness: This funnel is great for building your brand. Posts include news about your firm’s practice and staff personality. 
  2. Traffic: Once your law firm’s brand and expertise are established, this funnel is perfect for consistently pushing out editorial blogs and videos. This, in turn, will build thought leadership expertise and keep your firm top-of-mind. 
  3. Lead: After you’ve published a fair number of posts under the “traffic funnel”,  you can use the lead funnel to include posts that request an action (such as an email subscription and guide download). This ensures your subscribers receive richer content, which can result in increased leads and conversions. 

Ideally, all three objectives should be used interchangeably throughout your marketing campaign. 

3. Budget Your Campaign and Target Your Audience

Once you’ve chosen your campaign objective, create a campaign name and insert a spending limit (to keep tabs on your ad spending). Also, consider A/B testing. For example, you could promote a blog post to half your audience with a humorous tone and share the same post with a serious tone with the second half. As a result, you’ll find out which resonates more with users.

Next, choose where you want to drive traffic, set a daily or lifetime budget, and choose your target audience. When choosing your targets, consider the content of your blog, image, or video. 

Let’s use a blog covering “4 Actions Construction Workers Should Immediately Take if Injured on the Job,” as an example. It would make the most sense to target men between the ages of 25-65 with a job title or passion for construction. Also, choose a location that is within your law firm’s area. Targeting the entire U.S. or state would be a waste if you don’t have a nearby office (assuming non-remote services).

4. Create Your Ad and Set A Content Schedule

Now, it’s time to assemble your attorney Facebook ad content. Choose your desired image formatting and insert your primary text, headline, and description. Try to keep your text brief and catchy for the best results. 

5. Include a Call To Action

Include the most relevant CTA to finalize your post. Once your content is ready, you can publish it immediately or schedule the post for a future date. 

6. Track Your Attorney Facebook Ad Performance

Once you’ve published a series of posts based on your Facebook marketing for lawyers campaign, track your performance using Facebook’s insights. This option is under the “Ad Reporting” screen under the “Facebook Ads Manager” option. 

You’ll be able to track metrics such as post engagement (reactions, comments, and clicks), cost-per-click, and the total amount of money spent on the ad campaign. While these metrics are useful, pay particular attention to the metrics below for measuring the complete success of your campaign:

  1. Page views: This displays the number of users who viewed your law firm Facebook page after seeing your ad. This is a great first step toward building a loyal audience—especially if they also like your page. 
  2. Leads: This metric measures all CTA actions from your target audience. For example, this can include the number of people who filled out a form, downloaded a guide, or participated in a survey.  
  3. Buttons clicked: This useful metric shows which specific buttons users clicked. For example, did they click the “subscribe” or “send a message” button? This information will shed insight into how your audience wants to interact with your firm. 

For more on social media strategies and tactics, download our Marketing for Social Media guide, which covers practical tips, ethics, and more! 

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