Intellectual property law software

As an intellectual property lawyer, it’s your responsibility to manage and protect inventions, patents, copyrights, trademarks, royalties, and other intellectual property legal rights. MyCase makes it easier than ever for IP law firms to track deadlines, automate workflows, and streamline document creation with document templates.

Document management and automation for IP law firms

Get instant access to all of your firm’s critical documents.  Customize document folders, share the most up-to-date files with your team and clients, and much more. Create and edit document templates and merge those templates with client data.  Add custom fields to your cases and contacts based on information and data that is unique to your law firm.

Automated workflows, event reminders, and task management

Create automated workflows based on the type of case you are working on, eliminating potential duplicate work between teams. Create, assign, and track tasks on both a personal and firm-wide level. Additionally, pre-schedule tasks on your to-do list and add reminders to events in the form of email reminders and/or pop-ups.