Legal document management software

All your case files at your fingertips

Boost productivity and streamline your team’s workflow. Enhance the way you store, edit, sign, and share case documents thanks to our centralized cloud database.

Keep legal documents organized and accessible

Give the team relevant access to the files and documents in our cloud-based document management system, creating secure, easy collaboration and eliminating the need for another login.

  • Keep everything in one place with unlimited data storage 
  • Share, tag, and comment on documents in real-time
  • Fast-track your work with templates that automatically populate documents with case information
  • Find exactly what you need with our customizable filtering system
MyCase legal case management: document storage feature

Build and update documents together – anywhere, anytime

Collaborate on a document with colleagues or clients and align on one single source of truth with File Sync. With real-time updates on mobile and desktop, everyone will always have access to the most up-to-date versions of all essential legal documents.

“MyCase allows me to practice virtually anywhere in the world since I can access all of our firm’s documents and case files in the cloud.” 

Attorney Al Provinziano, Provinziano & Associates


Streamline document execution

Preparing and signing routine case documents is seamless and simple with eSignature, included with your MyCase subscription at no additional cost. Store and securely send encrypted files for clients to sign from any device, and get the signed form linked to your case file immediately.

  • Electronically sign important case documents from any device, with no third-party integration required
  • Use eSignature templates for forms that you send out on a regular basis
  • Automatically populate eSignature requests with case and contact data that is already stored in MyCase
MyCase legal case management: esignature feature

Integrate with your existing document tools

MyCase works alongside multiple integration partners your firm already relies on. Integrate with Dropbox so that you can easily access your case documents directly from MyCase. With File Sync you can use Microsoft Word, Adobe, and other desktop software outside of MyCase, with the changes automatically reflected in MyCase.

“I really needed a way to store case information and documents in a central place. MyCase, to a t, is the software I had envisioned.”

Michael Burton, McFarling Law Group

MyCase Drive: Fast File Management

Work directly from your desktop file explorer to edit documents with MyCase Drive.

  • Organize case documents and folders with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Automatically sync changes made within MyCase or from your desktop, saving you valuable time while providing greater accuracy

MyCase makes it easy to find the documents you are looking for with Full Text Search. Search the contents of .pdf and .doc files to quickly run conflict checks or easily find the documents you’re looking for.

  • Save time and find the content you are looking for with ease
  • Run conflict checks quickly and easily


How is document management software beneficial for law firms?

Document management software for law firms is a great tool to centralize your legal documents onto one platform. This provides organization and efficiency, especially when your document management software is on the same platform as your case management software.

Is legal document management software suitable for small law firms?

No matter the size of your law firm, documents and case files are a crucial part of running your practice. Thus, efficient and reliable document management software is vital to all law firms.

What are some examples of legal documents MyCase software can handle? Are there limitations?

MyCase legal document management software can support most file types and allows you to organize documents and files by case and/or client. MyCase also syncs with Dropbox to take advantage of their powerful document storage and editing tools.

How much does MyCase legal document management software cost?

MyCase legal time document management software features vary in availability based on plan. See the MyCase pricing page to view available options.