Lead Management Software & Client Intake Solutions

Streamline client intake & lead management

Need a simple solution for managing prospective clients? Consider it done. MyCase lead management software gives you everything you need to track, manage, and convert new business, all in one place.  

Man using MyCase lead management software
MyCase lead management feature: lead insights

Grow your business with MyCase lead management software

Learn how MyCase’s attorney lead management software features can boost your firm’s ability to onboard new clients and grow revenue.

Client Intake Forms

Build and customize client intake forms for every area of your practice, at every point in the lead lifecycle. Embed your firm’s contact form into your website and let MyCase do the rest with our lead-creation functionality. Automatically connect to a prospective client case file, so you never have to worry about data duplication. 

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We make the process of preparing and signing retainers and agreements seamless and simple, sparing you costly delays and time-consuming follow-ups. eSignature is unlimited and included in your subscription at no additional cost. 

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Law Firm CRM

Increase profitability with our law firm CRM. Use our drag and drop functionality to move your prospective clients through the various stages of your lead pipeline. Learn everything you need to know about your leads including top referral sources, lead conversion rates, and potential monetary value in your current lead pipeline.

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Consultation and Retainer Fees

Money made easy. MyCase makes it simple to create invoices and collect consultation fees from potential clients.

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Law Firm Websites

Let us build a website for your firm that seamlessly connects with MyCase. Your business will be ready to go with embedded client intake forms, client portal connections, and many other features that ensure smooth communications with both prospective or existing clients. 

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Connect with new clients

Tracking prospective clients has never been simpler. MyCase reduces the legwork behind data collection and entry, and eliminates the margin for error. Streamline your communications like never before with our efficient and automated client intake forms. 

“We digitized our intake forms using MyCase, and it’s reduced the time it takes to onboard a client by up to 8 days.”

Jason Kohlmeyer, Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd  

Jason Kohlmeyer from Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd
MyCase lead management feature: client intake form
MyCase client intake form template builder

Reach new business goals faster

MyCase insights act as a helpful guide in understanding how efficiently your firm is generating and converting leads over time. Get a comprehensive view of the intake pipeline from end to end, and gain the insights needed to learn and grow your firm.

“MyCase’s lead management features have been a game-changer for our firm.”
Benson Varghese, Varghese Summersett PLLC

Benson Varghese from Varghese Summersett PLLC
MyCase lead management feature: pipeline activity
MyCase lead management feature: pipeline management

All in one place

There’s no better place than MyCase. Convert prospective clients to new cases with ease, with all data seamlessly carrying over. Lead management flows directly into case management when prospective clients are converted into new cases. Get a 360 view of every client, and minimize the margin for error with all your work conveniently located in one online platform. 

MyCase lead management feature: lead insights

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Firms trust MyCase 

“We process hundreds of new prospects every single month. There’s no way we’d be able to tackle that volume in a timely manner without MyCase and how organized it is.”

Vi Nanthaveth
Nanthaveth & Associates, PLLC

“MyCase is a joy to use, helps you keep an eye on the progress of your cases, communicate easily and securely with clients, and, most importantly, let’s me spend more time with my passion – practicing law.”

Janaan Hashim
Amal Law Group, LLC

“Because of MyCase, I have never been this busy. At the same time, I’ve never had things this under control.”

Aaron Feldman
Feldman Law Group

“MyCase helps me stay organized and on top of my busy practice no matter where I am.”

Emily Amara Gordon
Amara Immigration Law, LLC

“We would have to adopt four or five other platforms to replace MyCase. There’s no way we could have scaled a criminal defense firm to 10 people working towards a common goal if we didn’t have MyCase.”

Benson Varghese
Varghese Summersett PLLC

Lead Management Software FAQs

What is lead management software?

Lead management software for law firms allows you to easily track leads through your pipeline while qualifying, analyzing, and nurturing them to help convert them into paying clients. In addition, with lead management software, you can increase profitability to move prospects through your pipeline and understand where your leads come from. 

Lead management systems consist of client intake forms, client relationship management (CRM) software, and various tools, such as your website, to attract, vet, and convert leads into paying clients.

Why is lead management for law firms important?

Lead management software for law firms is proven to simplify many internal processes, including client intake, obtaining signatures, generating documents, and tracking prospects through the pipeline. With a robust lead management system, lawyers can track clients and collect essential data to help them identify clients who are a good fit for their services. In addition, lead intake forms can help streamline communication.

The main goal of lead tracking software is to help you nurture and convert leads by understanding data. With this software, you can learn about leads added, contacted, scheduled, and those pending agreements and fees all in one place.

What is the best lead management software?

MyCase is a premium provider of lead management software, offering several tools to help you grow your law firm by tracking, managing, and converting prospective clients. MyCase lead tracking and management software provides the following features:

  • Client intake forms for law firm websites to collect valuable information about clients before you start their case
  • eSignature to make preparing and signing agreements easier for lawyers and clients
  • Legal CRM to increase profitability by moving prospects and active clients through your pipeline

How is a lead management system used by lawyers?

Lawyers use leads tracking software to acquire and convert leads more efficiently. With law firm lead intake software, CRM, and other lead management tools, you can acquire quality leads and track them in one place, allowing you to manage your leads in a systematic and structured way to increase conversions. 

With lead management software, you can communicate with prospects no matter where they are in the pipeline while tracking your most common referral sources to learn about your most effective marketing campaigns. With lead management software for law firms, you can stay organized as you track and follow up with leads, save time through automation, and save money by identifying the highest-performing marketing channels.

How much does lead management software cost for law firms?

The cost of lead management software for law firms varies depending on your needs and number of users. However, on average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $49 to $119 per month for a small law firm. MyCase is an affordable lead management software with multiple pricing tiers. Our Client Intake Forms, Workflows, and Unlimited eSignature are available with our Pro and Advanced plans.

What products does MyCase offer?

MyCase is a robust case management software for lawyers, offering client communication, billing, and more. A few of our most popular products include the following: 

  • Case Management: Use calendaring, workflows, and case analytics to manage your cases easily. With Case Management solutions, you can track documents, deadlines, tasks, and client communications in one place. 
  • Document Automation: Document automation allows you to use templates to quickly and accurately complete legal documents of all kinds and reduce errors. 
  • Billing & Payments: Create invoices, track billable hours, and receive payments directly from clients with legal billing software that allows you to manage your firm finances easily. 
  • Client Communications: Make collaborating with clients easier with an all-in-one solution to respond to messages, use text messaging, and track responses and inquiries.