Secure client portal software for law firms

Secure communication and client transparency

Everything you need to communicate with clients, and update them on their case, is now all in one secure place.

Woman communicating with her client while looking at MyCase client portal software
MyCase client portal software for law firms

All in one place

Clients can rely on MyCase’s client portal software for law firms for all of their needs, including case updates, invoicing, account statements, and more. Store documents in one place and securely share them between clients and attorneys at any time.

  • Quickly communicate with external stakeholders
  • Rely on our best-in-class technology to keep critical information secure
  • Share important dates and case reminders 
  • Create and share invoices and financial statements
  • Get paid via the portal without collecting credit card numbers
MyCase client portal feature: contact information
MyCase client portal software for lawyers

Engage your clients from anywhere

Make technology accessible and easy for anyone to use. The Client Portal is designed for mobile devices so busy clients can access their case information on the go, and you don’t have to worry about tedious onboarding or mistakes being made.

“The efficiency gained from the MyCase client portal alone saves me at least 2 hours each day. My workday has decreased from 14 hours per day to 11 hours per day—all because of more efficient client communication.”

Emily Amara Gordon,  Amara Immigration Law, LLC


Emily Amara Gordon from Amara Immigration Law, LLC
MyCase client portal on mobile

Client Portal Software for Law Firms FAQs

What is client portal software for law firms?

Client portal software for law firms is an all-in-one solution for communicating with clients. You can safely share and store important documents, emails, messages, and more with client portals. In addition, secure portals for clients allow them to easily share and document upcoming meetings, tasks, and events or even pay online.

The main goal of client portal software for law firms is to improve the client experience by streamlining communication. A legal client portal will allow lawyers and their clients to effectively communicate around the clock, making it easy to exchange relevant information regarding cases and enabling law firms to facilitate better relationships with clients.

What is the best client portal software for law firms?

The best client portal software streamlines lawyer-client communications. MyCase’s secure portal for clients makes communication easier and more secure. With client portal software for lawyers, you don’t have to worry about chasing clients via multiple channels like texts, voicemails, calls, and emails. Instead, all communications can be managed on a single platform. With a client portal, you can review messages, invoices, calls, and emails.

MyCase legal client portal is more secure than email, allowing you to protect important documents and information from getting into the wrong hands. In addition, it’s much faster and easier than traditional methods of communication because you only have to monitor one dashboard. Clients also appreciate law firm client portal software that allows them to stay up to date on their cases and respond to important messages.

How does our client portal software make it easy for lawyers to communicate with clients?

MyCase simplifies client communications, making it quicker, easier, convenient, and secure. The client portal software for lawyers is easy for anyone, including clients. We rely on best-in-class security technology to secure your critical documents and other information. In addition, it’s easy to access wherever and whenever, allowing clients and their lawyers to communicate efficiently and effectively no matter the time of day.

Our client portal software also improves internal collaboration, allowing your team to access important documents and information to help you succeed on the case. With client portal software, teams can collaborate more effectively and find the documents they need to provide a good client experience.

How much does client portal software cost?

The cost of client portal software varies depending on your needs. MyCase offers three tiers for you to choose from. Our client portal software is available at the Basic tier, allowing you to remain in constant contact with clients to simplify collaboration and store essential documents.

What products does MyCase offer?

MyCase is a robust all-in-one case management platform that offers client portal software as part of our Client Communications offering with built-in text messaging. Other products we offer include the following:

  • Billing & Payments: Get paid faster and for every minute with our Billing & Payment software for lawyers, which includes time-tracking, payment collection, and invoicing. 
  • Case Management: With various integrations and automation, you can manage your case from beginning to end while tracking documents, deadlines, and tasks to improve productivity with automation, document management, and internal chat.
  • Client Intake & Lead Management: Streamline client intake and lead management to grow your firm by collecting essential information about leads while moving your prospects through your pipeline.