How To Set Your Law Firm Apart From The Competition

By Ali Tailor


Without a doubt, the legal industry is one of the most competitive spaces out there.

So, how do you you set your law firm apart from the rest?

These days it doesn’t matter if you are a Biglaw attorney in a city or a solo in the suburbs: lawyers today have to deliver more than ever. Not only do they need provide better client service to meet the needs of today’s demanding legal clients, they also have to run a smarter, more streamlined business to achieve success and beat the competition. 

In 2017, legal consumers prefer a modern and efficient attorney. This means they expect to work with a cutting edge law firm that provides the best service and convenience they can get. That includes having a modern and engaging web presence and giving them flexibility in how they access their case-related information and communicate with you. By doing these things, you help to make their experience with your law firm as easy as possible!

Not sure where to start? Here are three ways to set your law firm apart from the competition!

1) An Engaging Website Presence

It’s essential that you have a website that positively represents your business. After all, your website will often be the first impression your clients have of your firm! Your clients should know within the first few seconds of visiting your website that you are more than capable of representing them and that you have the experience and legal skills to win their case. Having an effective law firm website will help promote your brand, attract new clients, keep current clients in the know, and so much more!

****Proves True in Practice****

Did you know 89% of consumers would post an online review if they had a positive experience, but only 7% of consumers have been asked to write a review? Ask your clients for a testimonial and put it on your law firm’s homepage, or share it in an email newsletter. Check out this infographic for more “Business Tips for Solo and Small Firm Attorneys.

2) Offer More Options to Your Clients

When clients come to you for help, they expect a quick response, the ability to check the status of their case when they want to, and to pay for your services in a way that is convenient for them. Giving your clients multiple avenues to connect with you is increasingly important. The ability to offer your clients access to their case information from wherever they are, and to also pay you on-the-go, is a competitive advantage that will benefit both you and your clients. When you offer MyCase Payments to your clients, you can rest assured our simple and transparent pricing won’t give you any surprise fees at the end of the month, and will give your clients the payment options they expect.

****Proves True in Practice****  

Many online payment processors promise easy integrations or simple pricing for online legal payment processing, but the truth is many of those services have hidden fees. Do you know what those fees are? Contact us to get a free assessment of your current payment solution.

3) Make Things Simple!

Can your client easily access all of the information they need, or do you have to send it to them every time they ask? How many vendors are you currently working with to manage your case management, online payments, and law firm website services?

Imagine how easy it would be if you had a website and payment processor fully integrated with your practice management software!

For example, you’d have one client support team to call if you’re looking for help and your clients could pay you directly through your website. You can even reconcile everything in MyCase and sync it to your QuickBooks account — all from one login!

This is a win-win! Clients can pay hassle-free, and your firm will get paid faster while providing a complete customer experience tied back to you and your firm.

To learn more about how you can set your firm apart from the competition and manage all of your firm’s daily tasks in one solution, including having an integrated law firm websites and online payments, schedule a time to learn more.

This post was written by Brie Barry. As a MyCase Account Executive she helped attorneys find more success using practice management software.