Law Firm Financial Management Software + Reporting

Oversight on your finances like you’ve never seen before

Make informed decisions based on real-life data, designed to help you grow. We’re making sure the best legal financial software is available to you, helping lighten the load.

Get more oversight on your law firm financial management with MyCase
MyCase legal financial software feature: Track invoice status in real-time

The firm oversight you’ve been looking for

The financial insights you’ve been longing for are no longer out of reach. Our law firm financial management reports are designed to provide a holistic view of your firm, its growth, and its performance, providing you with support to make bigger and bolder decisions.

“Once we started running financial reports in MyCase, we saw a significant increase in revenue.”  

Jason Kohlmeyer, Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd

Jason Kohlmeyer from Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd
MyCase law firm financial software feature: Get a status overview of all of your invoices
MyCase legal billing software feature: payment plan insights

Extensive insights, exceptional reports

With MyCase legal financial software, you get robust reporting options so you can gain valuable insight into everything from fee allocation to aging invoices. 

  • Fee allocation reports provide a clear and accurate picture of each employee’s financial contribution to each matter at your firm
  • Electronic payment reports provide a quick summary of all online payment activity at your firm, which is helpful for tax time.
  • Aging invoices reports show a complete overview of outstanding balances owed to the firm.
MyCase legal financial software feature: Get payment and collection reports by practice area
MyCase law firm financial software feature: See total payments collected vs. billed

All about the data

Multiple analytics reports in MyCase law firm financial management software identifies areas where you need to improve. Use powerful filters to show you exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Time and expense reports show all billable and non-billable time and expenses and line item invoice status for all cases and employees at your firm.
  • Trust account reports track trust balances to reconcile trust retainer accounts and stay in compliance with state laws.
  • Accounts receivable reports show your firm’s total receivables so you can understand the exact status of  invoices and take prompt action towards collection and reconciliation of accounts.
MyCase legal time tracking software feature: View tracked time by week or month with the Timesheet Calendar
MyCase legal billing features: trust account balance overview

Legal Financial Software FAQs

What is legal financial software?

Legal financial software enables lawyers and firms to make better financial decisions, giving you insights and reports that can help you understand your firm and its growth. Law firm financial management software allows you to review everything from fees to invoices, revenue, and more to help during tax time and year-round.

Why should law firms use legal financial management software?

Law firm accounting and financial management software allows you to track your financial data to make bookkeeping and accounting easier. With this software, you can track accounts receivable reports to understand the status of invoices and review time and expense reports to compare billable and non-billable hours.

Does MyCase's legal financial software for law firms require a mobile app?

MyCase’s law firm financial software doesn’t require you to use an app or any other external software or tools. However, you can use our app to track your firm’s finances on the go or when you’re working outside the office. 

With our mobile app, you can use MyCase’s features on your mobile phone or tablet, wherever you are. Using cloud-based technology, you can work wherever and whenever you need to help you stay efficient and productive. The app allows you to track billable time, message clients, access documents, and get push notifications sent straight to your device.

How much does MyCase legal financial software cost?

MyCase legal financial software is part of MyCase’s affordable law practice management software. We offer three tiers of pricing to best suit your needs and budget. With the Basic tier, you get basic financial reporting features, which include reports for aging invoices, accounts receivable, trust account summary, non-trust account activity, electronic payments, credit card fees, time entry and expenses, and more.  

When you upgrade to the Pro or Advanced tier, you can access our premium reporting features, which unlock reports on case revenue, fee allocation, and more. Learn more about our pricing here.

What are the advantages of using MyCase law firm financial management software?

MyCase law firm financial software allows you to track your business finances to help you make better decisions when it comes to your clients and revenue. With financial insights, you’ll have real data to support your firm and its growth, enabling you to make better financial decisions while giving you clear insight into the financial well-being of your firm.

What other products does MyCase offer?

MyCase is a robust legal software that can improve the efficiency of every part of your law firm, from financial reporting to case management and client onboarding. Financial reporting is part of our legal billing software, which includes other features, such as:

  • Time Tracking: Eliminate manual time tracking data entry with automated time tracking that ensures each minute is accounted for. With our time tracking software, you can monitor your cases and compare billable vs. non-billable hours, track time spent on calls and emails, and use our Smart Time Finder to prevent lost billable time. 
  • LawPay Payments: Accept payments online with LawPay payments and streamline your billing and collections by accepting electronic payments.
  • Legal Accounting: Use our legal accounting software to review your client’s transactions and reconciliation, access case files and associated financial information, and create expense reports while remaining in compliance.