Law firm time tracking software

Easily capture every billable minute

Every minute of your day matters, so make sure it’s accounted for. Plan, track, and report billable time contemporaneously as it occurs, so you don’t have to rely on memory when it’s time to invoice.

Never lose track of time

Keep an eye on your firm’s progress and workload by recording work as you go, so that every second is accounted for. Stop and start up to three timers at once as you jump between cases. 

  • Monitor your flat fee and pro bono cases by tracking non-billable time.
  • Automatically track time spent on calls and emails for every case 
  • Keep tabs on billable and non-billable expenses
  • Get prompts to track time when you log a call, send an email, save a note, and upload a document

Boost your firm’s billable hours with Smart Time Finder

Smart Time Finder is built to prevent lost billable time from falling through the cracks. Receive an itemized list of all common billable activities you’ve performed in MyCase for a given day and easily create time entries for any overlooked actions.

“With the Smart Time Finder in MyCase we are able to go back and find time that we’ve missed. One of my attorneys consistently billed 9 or 10 hours a day, and now she’s up to 11 to 12 hours a day. ” 

Holly Gummerson, Managing Partner, Gummerson & Nickolaus, PLLC


Get the whole picture

MyCase law firm time tracking software shows you exactly how much time you’ve spent on a case in just a glance, and creates invoices that accurately reflect the workload. We’re providing the peace of mind you need to ensure you bill your clients accurately – every time.

“MyCase helps us to make more money because we can capture time more efficiently,” 

Kristi Aronica-Morgan, Weitz Morgan.


Keep track of how much time you’ve spent, and where you spent it

You no longer need to rely on memory to piece together how much time has been spent on a case, or the right amount to bill each client. MyCase time-tracking software reduces the margin for error by automatically connecting time entries to the relevant case.

  • Automatically connect time entries to the case you’re working on
  • Billable hours are seamlessly consolidated into invoices, ensuring clients are always billed the right amount
  • Create invoices based on your firm’s time entries  


Why should law firms use time tracking software?

Manual time tracking and recording is both inefficient and time-consuming. Time tracking software, built for lawyers, and integrated with your law practice management software enables you to multitask on multiple cases without losing track of your time, capture more billable hours, and link time entries directly to cases for seamless billing.

How can time recording software for lawyers increase billable hours?

Time tracking software not only makes time tracking simple and easy, but can also help you locate billable hours you forgot to add. The MyCase Smart Time Finder passively tracks your activity in MyCase to identify billable actions that are missing a legal time entry and summarizes these actions for your review later.

Does MyCase law firm time tracking software require an app download?

While MyCase does offer a mobile app to track your time, our law firm time tracking software is built into the MyCase platform so you do not need to download another application if you’d prefer not to.

How much does MyCase legal time tracking software cost?

MyCase legal time tracking software feature is available in the MyCase Pro tier: $59 per User/Month(billed annually) or $69 per User/Month(billed monthly).