eSignature software for Law Firms

Hassle-free electronic signature software

Make the process of preparing and signing retainers and case documents simple with unlimited eSignature, built directly in MyCase and included with your subscription at no additional cost. 

Woman in the city using MyCase’s electronic signature software on her tablet
MyCase legal case management: esignature feature

Collect the signatures you need, when you need them

Simplify the process for your clients and make it easier for your firm to keep the ball rolling with MyCase’s electronic signature (eSignature) software.

  • Collect client signatures from any remote location with a swipe of a finger or mouse 
  • Stay on top of all your cases.
Collect client signatures electronically from any remote location with MyCase e-signature software.

Save time when seeking approvals

Prepare a signature request form once, then use it over and over again to get the information you need, when you need it. MyCase saves a database of all files, so you can easily access and reference past case documents.

  • Customize documents then reuse them when you need
  • Merge data from contact and case fields into eSignature requests and templates
  • Add signatures, initials, dates, merge fields, and open text fields with editable labels
MyCase legal electronic signature software feature: Create reusable signature request forms
MyCase legal case management: esignature feature

Reduce costly delays and frustrating follow-ups

The simplicity of our secure eSignature software allows clients to sign and return important case documents quickly, so you can avoid costly delays. Easily monitor signature requests and resend incomplete signatures directly from MyCase. Spending less time following up with clients means more time getting work done.

“eSignature alone has enabled us to close more cases because it gives us back so much time.”

William Neil, Neal Ashmore Family law


William Neil of Neal Ashmore Family Law
MyCase e-signature software feature: Allow clients to sign and return case documents quickly
MyCase legal electronic signature software feature: Monitor pending signature requests

Designed with security in mind

We comply with the best security practices so your work is always safe. Documents have important metadata for each signature appended to it to track who did what, and when.

  • All documents are sent securely and are encrypted
  • Each signed document has an air-tight audit trail so all of your bases are covered 
MyCase electronic signature software feature: Securely send encrypted documents
MyCase legal case management: esignature feature

Electronic Signature Software FAQs

What is an eSignature?

An electronic signature, or eSignature, refers to signing a document digitally. eSignatures work the same way all signatures do, enabling anyone to sign legally binding documents and contracts without requiring paper and pen.

How does electronic signature software work?

eSignature software allows anyone, anywhere, to sign legally binding contracts. However, since each signature is unique to the signer, legal electronic signature software uses algorithms to generate keys that allow a signer to use their private signature at any time and encrypt the data to keep it secure. In addition, the signature is given a timestamp for when the document is signed. 


Of course, electronic signature software varies depending on the type you use. In most cases, individuals can write or draw their signature using their desktop cursor or finger on a smartphone or tablet. Once the signature is confirmed, the software enables you to add it to the signature line of any document.

Why should law firms use eSignatures?

eSignature software is ideal for legal use because it can be more secure than paper documents. In addition, eSignatures are more convenient and save time on both ends. Now, clients don’t have to travel to the office or send documents in the mail, speeding up the time it takes for you to deliver exceptional services. Additionally, lawyers can save signed documents directly to their computers or other law firm software to ensure they have them when needed.

Are electronic signatures legal?

Electronic signatures are legal and valid in all US states and most countries across the globe. In most cases, an eSignature is all that’s required to create a legally binding document. However, some documents may require further authentication. eSignatures are legally enforceable and reduce the risk of human error in validating signatures and handwriting.

How secure is MyCase's legal electronic signature software?

MyCase implements data security technology to safeguard your and your clients’ eSignatures to prevent theft. We use bank-grade encryption to send and receive data and prevent sensitive information, such as eSignatures, from getting stolen. Additionally, all signed documents have an audit trail to ensure you have signatures on any updated contracts.

What is the best electronic signature software?

MyCase’s electronic signature software is more convenient for lawyers because it’s part of our comprehensive legal case management platform. In addition, our hassle-free eSignature software is included with your subscription at no additional cost to let you collect signatures when needed and streamline approvals.

What products does MyCase offer?

MyCase case management software provides affordable and intuitive practice management solutions for law firms of all sizes. We offer three plan tiers to help you find the right products and features for your business. Here are a few of our top products: 


  • Lead Management: Use our lead management software to streamline client intake forms and get faster approvals with eSignature software and integrations with the apps you already use. 
  • Case Management: Manage your cases from start to finish with case management software that includes workflow automation, calendaring, document management, and case analytics. 
  • Billing & Payments: Track time, automatically send invoices, and collect payments from one easy-to-use dashboard.