Legal analytics software

Comprehensive case insights in one click

Extensive insights into your firm’s cases, finances, and workflows are right at your fingertips. MyCase legal analytics software provides the data you need to make key business decisions, grow your firm and maximize your productivity.

A 360° view of every case

MyCase compiles a comprehensive overview of the history, progress, and status of every case you work on. Utilize our case status software to review up-to-the-minute analytics and prevent anything from falling through the cracks. 

  • Use the centralized Case Dashboard to see a snapshot of the next event, next task, and latest status update on all your cases
  • Filter cases by stage, practice area, and lead attorney 
  • Gain visibility into any activity that occurs on a case with the Case Timeline
  • Use Customizable Case Reports to view your case data in all the different ways you need, with quick and easy access to reports you’ve previously built

Get real-time revenue insights

Get an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your firm’s billables versus income across any date range. Our case revenue reporting factors in expenses, rates, time entries, and more to paint a clear picture of your firm’s financial performance, showing you where there is room for improvement and opportunity to grow.

MyCase legal billing software feature: invoice overview
MyCase legal billing features: trust account balance overview

Lighten the load

Track your caseload with accuracy and efficiency with Cases Over Time reporting.  Keep informed on your firm’s outputs at all times, and use historical data to measure how your firm’s performance lines up with business goals.

  • Stay in the know on the number of cases your firm has opened and closed at any given time.
  • Track your firm’s efficiency and case pipeline over time 
  • Understand how much time is dedicated to each stage of case progression