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Centralized Law Firm Communications

Built-In Text Messaging

Send and receive client text messages directly in the app. Download and save images. Sync messages directly to their case file. Get a dedicated number clients can text anytime.

Send automatic reminders for invoices, upcoming events, meetings, and appointments.

Let clients access case details, documents, invoices, messages, and more, from a dedicated client portal. Auto-sync email communications. Take online payments.

Set up portals in 1-click anytime a new client is added. Get updates every time a client sends a message, uploads a document, completes a task or comments.

Internal Communications
Internal Communications
Internal Communications

Get a dedicated internal chat channel that lets you communicate with employees. Organize by case, practice area, and more. Send messages to firm employees, including client communications, internal announcements, and other operational emails.

Benefits of Client Communication Management

Streamline Legal 
Client Communications and 
Increase Productivity

Streamline Legal 
Client Communications and 
Increase Productivity

Consolidate all client communications and client notes in one searchable platform. Eliminate manually copying conversations across channels. Send new messages and texts to clients in 1-click.

Boost client experience

Boost client experience

Make it easy for clients to self-serve and get documents, invoices, appointments, reminders, and case updates. Provide clients with a better experience while reducing administrative emails and calls.

Accessible via mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Communicate securely

Communicate securely

Protect your communications with enterprise-grade security. Includes all sent, received, and stored messages.

User access control ensures that client communications and data are available only to appropriate users.

Deliver Outstanding Client Experiences

2024 Legal Industry Trends Report

See how firms are using tech to streamline operations and boost revenue. Based on insights from 2,600+ legal professionals.

  • AI. Using AI to streamline marketing, document drafting, trial prep, and 28+ other common tasks.
  • Time Tracking. 3 trending time tracking methods. Tools for discovering hidden billable hours.
  • Payments. Streamlining billing while getting paid faster. Payment methods that increase collections.

Client Communication Software FAQs

What is client communication software?

Client communication software can help you stay connected with legal clients without giving out your personal phone numbers or emails. Instead, you can securely share messages, documents, and events, as well as send and receive texts, with our client portal or built-in text messaging.

Client communication management software enables you to improve the client experience while making it easier for lawyers to collaborate with clients. For example, clients can use their client portal to send secure messages when they need to contact their lawyers. Meanwhile, lawyers can respond to client inquiries in one place instead of monitoring multiple communication channels like emails, personal cell phones, voicemails, and more. 

In addition, client communication tools streamline and simplify collaboration between lawyers and their clients. With portals and text messaging, you can share and store essential documents crucial to the case and effectively communicate with your clients. Clients who need to send their attorneys a message don’t have to worry about leaving a voicemail. Instead, they can send a message immediately, making communication even more convenient.

The best legal client communication platform allows attorneys and clients to communicate efficiently and effectively. MyCase client communication software will enable you to connect and collaborate with clients whenever and wherever. With our client portal, you can share messages, documents, and events in one secure location. In addition, we offer built-in text messaging to quickly connect with clients without using your personal phone.

Security is crucial when communicating with clients. MyCase’s legal client communication software uses high-end security technology to protect your work and important documents from falling into the wrong hands while minimizing the risk of lost data. With our client communication management software, you can securely store your confidential information and documents off-site and track who accesses your files. In addition, all client communications are confidential and protected by encryption with regular security backups to ensure your documents and information are not lost or corrupted.

The cost of client communication software depends on your needs. We offer three tiers to help you find the most affordable option for your firm’s needs. All three tiers come with our client portal, which allows you to safely and securely share information with clients. In addition, you can choose chat, texting, and messages to make client communications more convenient.

MyCase is a complete all-in-one legal case management platform that allows you to stay productive and efficient while improving the client experience. A few of our top products include the following:

  • Case Management: With case management, you can keep all your essential case details and documents in one secure location.
  • Client Intake & Lead Management: Streamline the client intake process to reduce the time it takes to vet leads. 
  • Billing & Payments: Spend less time invoicing clients and chasing payments and more time focusing on winning cases.

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