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Transform the way your law firm operates with MyCase IQ, artificial intelligence thoughtfully designed for you. Automation, efficiency, and insights woven seamlessly into your daily workflows.

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Legal AI built to drive outstanding outcomes for your clients
and your firm.

Maximize every minute, reduce costs, and surface opportunities with MyCase IQ. Responsible GenAI embedded throughout your practice management software, empowering you and your team to work faster and smarter.

Intelligent text editing for law firms

Upgrade your internal and external communications. Enhance writing with our embedded AI-powered text editing tool. Update style, change tone, summarize, or translate from English to Spanish (and vice versa). Your team of attorneys can invest time saved into more high-value tasks.

Text editing with legal AI software

AI based legal document summaries

*In Beta* Streamline document reviews with rapidly generated summaries. Ask MyCase IQ to summarize your file and review our detailed AI generated synopsis. Reclaim hours of your day to focus on what matters most – your clients and your business.

Document summaries with AI-based legal software

At MyCase, we are committed to responsible AI innovation.

Leverage our thoughtfully developed generative AI solutions to unlock a new level of productivity and insights. MyCase IQ works for you – empowering you to serve your clients and scale your business with confidence.

More Legal AI Software Features Coming Soon!

Intelligent Drafts

Drive efficiency at every touchpoint. Let MyCase IQ suggest a first draft of your client portal message, text, or event description. Your team reviews and edits before sending.

Intelligent Translations

Easily connect with clients in their preferred language. Write a message, and instantly translate into another language. Our intelligent text editing is built right into the communication fields you use every day, powering your team to deliver the best possible client experience.

Intelligent Task & Event Generation

Save time on basic tasks – a hundred times a day. Select and analyze notes, texts, messages and more. Then let MyCase IQ automatically suggest relevant new tasks or events to generate. Just edit our draft, and save to the case.

What’s next on our legal AI software roadmap?

Intelligent Case Search

Search through your cases and client records with unprecedented ease. Want to look something up on a specific matter? Just ask our AI. We’ll get you an answer quickly, confined to your law firm’s secure data.

Intelligent Law Firm Analytics

Use natural language to dive into your law firm’s analytics. Want to know the total outstanding invoices or which of your practice areas have the best ROI? Make faster and more strategic decisions with MyCase IQ.

Intelligent Insights

What about the questions you don’t know to ask? Our artificial intelligence can surface insights buried deep in your data. Receive customized recommendations to optimize client intake, productivity, cash flow, and more. Let MyCase IQ help power your firm’s success.

Intelligent Automation

Forever transform the way you work with MyCase. Automatically create workflows, generate events, send payments, open files – all by interacting with MyCase IQ in a conversational way, just like you would with a trusted assistant.

Legal AI Software FAQs

How do law firms use AI?

Law firms can use AI to streamline a wide variety of tasks. This includes using AI to identify and pull documents during legal research, analyze briefs, draft contracts, and even capture data and analytics to help attorneys make more informed decisions.

How many lawyers are using AI?

As AI is still in its relative infancy, more lawyers are currently using or seriously considering adopting it for their firms. According to a 2023 survey issued by the American Bar Association, “In 2022, just over 15% of small firms and only 3.7% of solo attorneys were using or interested in AI-based tools. In comparison, in 2023, 20.7% of small firms and 14.6% of solo attorneys indicated use or interest in such tools.”

What areas of law are most impacted by AI?

According to a LexisNexis article citing research from Statista, AI highly impacts corporate legal areas such as commercial contracts, commercial products, bankruptcy, and employment law.

What Large Language Models do our legal AI software tools use?

MyCase IQ currently utilizes a Large Language Model (LLM) provided by OpenAI and accessed via their API platform.

How is our AI-based legal software different from using ChatGPT directly?

MyCase IQ does not use the consumer version of ChatGPT, but rather OpenAI’s API platform. Based on our terms with OpenAI, you can rest assured that your data is safe and will not be used to train OpenAI models. The free consumer version of ChatGPT may use inputs to train the model.

What data is transmitted to MyCase IQ?

You remain in control. Your data is not sent to a LLM unless you agree to try out the feature and click a MyCase IQ icon or button each time you want to send the specified data to a LLM

Since you control the data inputs, you also control whether this includes personal data. When using legal AI software or any AI tool, law firms should use discretion in determining their input selection. The OpenAI terms prohibit transmission of sensitive health information and personal data pertaining to minors under 13. Firms should not transmit this type of data to MyCase IQ.

How do we keep customer data secure?

As a trusted legal technology platform handling sensitive case and financial data, we are deeply committed to maintaining the security and privacy of law firm data. Managing privileged case information for thousands of attorneys (and their clients) is a responsibility we take very seriously. We understand that our legal professionals want to ensure that any AI tool they use adheres to stringent industry-standard security and confidentiality protocols.

MyCase ensures that your confidential data is securely sent to OpenAI, a SOC2 compliant platform, by encrypting it when in transit using TLS 1.2 or greater. Both MyCase and OpenAI ensure that your data is encrypted when at rest (AES-256). Additionally, we ensure that no customer data is used to train OpenAI’s models nor exposed to other customers of OpenAI. OpenAI may securely store your data for up to 30 days before deletion to identify abuse.

The MyCase platform also has extensive safeguards in place so that your confidential data is not exposed to another MyCase customer. These safeguards extend to MyCase IQ.

MyCase IQ also adheres to user permissions so that it can only be used on data that the user can already access. This means that a user can only send data to an LLM if they already have permission to access that data.

What steps does MyCase IQ take to minimize hallucinations?

MyCase IQ beta only supports pre-configured prompts that are customized for each specific task. These increase the likelihood of an accurate response. Even with these steps, the outputs from MyCase IQ may sometimes be misleading or inaccurate, and we recommend that you carefully review all output prior to any use or reliance on it. 

As we add additional legal AI software features to MyCase IQ, we will continue to make investments in developing and testing MyCase IQ to be less susceptible to inaccurate responses or hallucinations than other generalized GenAI interfaces that lack legal domain expertise, like ChatGPT.

Will customer data be used to train any AI models?

Based on our terms with OpenAI, our customers’ data will not be used to train OpenAI models. 

MyCase IQ offerings do not train our own AI models. Artificial intelligence is a rapidly evolving technology. As your trusted legal technology partner we are committed to responsibly navigating the innovation landscape. We deeply respect your customer data, and will always operate within the scope of our data privacy policy.