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Google Calendar

Sync MyCase with your Google calendar for 2-way sync of calendar information


Log your emails and contact info from Gmail directly into MyCase


Sync MyCase with your Outlook calendar and log emails directly within MyCase


Log your emails and contact info from Yahoo! directly into MyCase

Office 365

Log your emails and contact info from Office 365 directly into MyCase


Log your emails and contact info from Exchange directly into MyCase


Sync your contacts’ information directly into Mailchimp to avoid duplicate data entry


Sync MyCase with your QuickBooks account to export data to your QuickBooks online account


Integrate Dropbox with MyCase for easy document organization

Integrate with and access all calls from one convenient location within MyCase

LEX Reception

Integrate with LEX Reception to easily log prospective client’s details in MyCase


Integrate with Ruby to improve customer communication and ease billing


Integrate with LawToolBox and automate all your court-rules based deadlines in MyCase. Save time and avoid errors caused by manual entry, and protect your firm from malpractice lawsuits.

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MyCase and LawPay have merged to bring you the best legal case management and payments solution. Integrate with LawPay for fast, secure and easy payments collections at affordable rates.

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Sync your contacts and matters between MyCase and Docketwise to automate the preparation of immigration forms

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Integrate with Woodpecker’s robust document automation and save 90% of drafting time. Use your MyCase data to generate documents from MyCase using Woodpecker templates.

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Automatically add your Intaker chat leads into MyCase for faster client onboarding and increased client satisfaction.


Integrate with Kenect and use texting to communicate with clients, collect reviews and generate leads.

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Automatically or manually sync matters, and client information, from Lawmatics to the MyCase platform. Seamlessly manage the entire client lifecycle.

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Case Status

Sync case stages and documents between MyCase and the Case Status mobile-app. Trigger actions such as sending a case update or requesting documentation. Deploy NPS surveys to get real-time, actionable feedback.

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Calendar Rules

Integrate with CalendarRules and calculate your court rules-based deadlines within MyCase

Other Apps

MyCase File Sync

Edit documents using the software of your choice, and sync changes back to MyCase

Date Calculator

Accurate deadline and future data calculator

Custom Websites

Get a professional website with included MyCase client portal integration

MyCase Document Writer

Word processing and document assembly