Cloud-based accounting software for law firms

MyCase Accounting  Designed with Law Firms in Mind

An end-to-end legal accounting solution that helps law firms keep their finances on track, so they can focus on moving their business forward.

MyCase legal accounting software dashboard

View all your firm’s financial data in one place.
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Everything you need in one place

MyCase Accounting is a fully integrated, cloud-based, law firm accounting software that centralizes your firm’s financial data, eliminating redundant data entry across multiple systems.

  • All of your client’s trust transactions & reconciliation in one place.
  • Seamless access to case files alongside your financial data.
  • Provides an in-depth look into your firm’s financial health.
Manage operating accounts with law firm accounting software
Manage bank accounts with legal accounting software

Maintain visibility and control over all firm transactions

Create and print checks directly from MyCase to cover your firm’s expenses or pay out remaining trust balances. Keep all of your transactions organized with our legal accounting software.

Manage client and admin ledgers with accounting software for law firms

Seamless expense report workflow

Easily keep track of outstanding bills and expenses and the vendors they are associated with, ensuring your firm will have accurate cash flow and financial projections.

Keep track of outstanding bills with legal accounting software
Keep track of expenses with legal accounting software

Stay compliant when managing trust accounts

MyCase Accounting is fully integrated into MyCase and offers robust three-way trust reconciliation that helps keep firms in compliance with state bar regulations.

Easy three-way trust reconciliation with accounting software for lawyers

Ease of Use

Automatically generate client ledgers for three-way trust reconciliation with MyCase lawyer accounting software.

“MyCase Accounting is much simpler than the previous software I used. Even with little to no knowledge of accounting, I was able to reconcile accounts and run insightful reports in 30 minutes.”

Jonathan Watson, Watson Law

MyCase law firm accounting software dashboard

Legal Accounting Software FAQs

What is legal accounting software?

Legal accounting software can track time, calculate bills, manage trust accounts, maintain compliance, and help firms manage their daily business operations. With accounting software for lawyers, you can keep your finances on track and allocate less time to financial and administrative tasks and focus more on serving clients. 

With Mycase’s add-on legal accounting solution, you can ensure that all critical accounting information is current, compliant, and audit-ready. By using accounting software tailored specifically to the unique needs of lawyers and law firms, you will be able to stay in line with relevant regulations and laws while also saving time and energy.

Why do attorneys need legal accounting software?

Legal accounting software ensures lawyers have clear insight into their firm’s financial health and are in compliance with State Bar regulations. Additionally, this software improves the accounting process and reduces the risk of human error. While in the past law firms have had to develop custom accounting software or tweak existing accounting software to meet their needs, MyCase is the best accounting software for law firms because it was designed specifically with lawyers and firms in mind. 

With that said, the benefits of accounting software for law firms include the following:

  • Remain in compliance: Law firms are routinely tasked with navigating specific regulations, laws, and requirements. A single mistake can get your firm in trouble or lead to a damaged reputation, so, in most cases, an Excel spreadsheet isn’t going to be the best tool for the job. With all-in-one legal accounting software, you can better manage your firm’s financials and stay in compliance with State Bar regulations.
  • Better money management: Legal accounting software can help law firms manage their funds by providing real-time information about their financial health. 
  • Saves time: Accounting software for lawyers saves time on manual data entry while eliminating the need for spreadsheets. Legal accounting software integrates with other financial management tools to sync contacts, invoices, and bank accounts. 
  • Improved accuracy: Law firm accounting software can make your financial records more accurate by connecting with other financial apps to track your income and expenses while helping you remain compliant. With accurate financial information, you can ensure that you comply with specific regulations and make data-driven business decisions for your firm. 

How much does accounting software for law firms cost?

MyCase’s legal accounting software is an add-on feature and can be added to any MyCase case management plan for only $39 per month, per accounting user. See more details on pricing here.

What are the key features of a legal accounting software?

When looking for legal accounting software, it’s always best to consider your firm’s needs to avoid paying for features you don’t need. However, robust legal accounting software should have the following features:

  • Bookkeeping: Track your financial transactions and client accounts, while staying compliant with trust account regulations. MyCase accounting software offers robust three-way trust reconciliation and auto-generated client ledgers.
  • Time tracking: Our accounting software is part of our robust law firm billing software, which includes time tracking to ensure you get paid for every minute. 
  • Billing: With MyCase accounting software for lawyers, you can create and print checks to cover your firm’s expenses or pay out trust balances. 
  • Online payments: As part of our billing software, MyCase provides access to online payments through LawPay to help you get paid faster. 
  • Financial reports: Track outstanding bills and expenses to ensure your law firm has the cash flow for accurate financial projects. 

What are the benefits of using accounting software for attorneys?

Accounting software can streamline your accounting processes by helping you track your finances and free up time to focus on more important tasks. For example, with the best accounting software for law firms, you can view your firm’s financial data in one place, including profit and loss, bills, client transactions, and cash flow.

What makes MyCase’s accounting software the best option for law firms?

Beyond providing law firm accounting software, MyCase is a comprehensive case management platform. When you become a MyCase customer, you’ll have access to our Billing & Payments software that enables you to track expenses, generate invoices and reports, and accept online payments. 

In addition, you’ll have access to other case management features, such as client intake forms, our legal CRM software, client communications, legal analytics, and law firm website design.