Advanced Legal Document Automation Software

Take repetitive legal documents off your plate

With Advanced Document Automation by MyCase, quickly and accurately generate MS-Word based legal documents from fee agreements to discovery requests to trusts and wills.


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Save hours of drafting time

Advanced Document Automation transforms your MS-Word documents into smart, reusable templates. You’ll save 90% of drafting time and gain peace of mind that your client documents are error-free. 

MyCase legal case management: document storage feature

Effortlessly create, sign and send documents

Quickly and accurately draft legal documents from agreements and contracts to estate plans, corporate formations, and child custody plans with existing MyCase data.

  • Populate multiple documents for the same case all at once
  • Automatically save completed documents within cases
  • Sign documents seamlessly with MyCase eSignature and send directly from MyCase


Avoid embarrassing errors

No more worrying about misspellings, typos, or missed information. Eliminate redundant data entry and common oversight errors by customizing text and language using conditional logic, formulas, and other automation tools.

Standardize for peace of mind

Ensure your team is always working with the most up-to-date version of a client document. Simplify document maintenance when you merge multiple precedent documents into one template, making updates easy.

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Keep case documents organized in one place with MyCase legal document management
Customize your workflow for each type of law you practice with MyCase legal workflow software.

Advanced Document Automation

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