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Legal Writing and Communications Have Never Been More Efficient

Thoughtfully transform your work with MyCase IQ. This simple yet powerful technology makes it easy to edit, summarize, and refine your writing quickly and efficiently. With AI-driven edit suggestions, you can streamline and enhance your writing process effortlessly.
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Quickly Edit, Modify Language, and Translate Text With Generative AI

MyCase IQ utilizes generative AI to summarize text, make edit suggestions (including spelling and grammatical corrections), translate text, and strengthen legal writing.

AI Legal Writing Assistant FAQs

What does an AI legal writing assistant do?

An AI legal writing assistant or AI writing software is designed to enhance and streamline legal writing processes. It leverages generative AI to offer advanced capabilities such as automated proofreading, grammar and spelling corrections, summarization, and overall improvement of writing for legal documents and client communications. An AI legal writing assistant helps legal professionals streamline their workflow, improve efficiency, and ensure accuracy in their written content.

What technology does MyCase’s AI legal software use?

MyCase IQ uses a Large Language Model (LLM) provided by OpenAI and accessed through their API platform.

What AI legal writing features are available now?

MyCase IQ currently offers text editing capabilities. Intelligent drafts and the AI language translator are coming soon. MyCase IQ is available in the MyCase Pro and Advanced tiers.

Where can I use these features in the MyCase platform?

The AI text editor can be used in notes, text messaging, messaging, and task descriptions.

How does this AI writing tool differ from ChatGPT?

Though both are powered by generative AI, MyCase IQ is built specifically for legal professionals. After many years of serving the legal industry, MyCase understands the challenges, regulations, and needs of law firms. With that in mind, we built this technology to meet the unique needs of your firm and your clients.

Additionally, MyCase IQ uses OpenAI’s API platform. Based on our terms with OpenAI, you can rest assured that your data is safe and will not be used to train OpenAI models. The free consumer version of ChatGPT may use inputs to train the model.

Are my firm’s and my clients’ data protected?

MyCase ensures that confidential data is securely sent to OpenAI, a SOC2-compliant platform. Additionally, no customer data is used to train OpenAI’s models nor exposed to other customers of OpenAI. OpenAI may securely store your data for up to 30 days before deletion to identify abuse.

The MyCase platform also has extensive safeguards in place so that your confidential data is not exposed to another MyCase customer. These safeguards extend to MyCase IQ.
MyCase IQ also adheres to user permissions so that it can only be used on data that the user can already access. This means that a user can only send data to an LLM if they already have permission to access that data.

How will my data be used?

Your data is not sent to an LLM unless you agree to try out the feature and click a MyCase IQ icon or button each time you want to send the specified data to an LLM. You control data inputs, and you control whether this includes personal data. Law firms should use discretion in determining their input selection. The OpenAI terms prohibit transmission of sensitive health information and personal data pertaining to minors under 13. Firms should not transmit this type of data to MyCase IQ.