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Managing cases efficiently means having every case detail—documents, deadlines, tasks, and more— organized and accessible. Our cloud-based legal case management software houses everything in one place, giving you the flexibility to work wherever you need without sacrificing productivity.

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Modern case management software for lawyers

Learn how MyCase’s attorney case management software features can boost your firm’s productivity and cash flow.


Our law case management software tracks every important deadline, so that you don’t have to. Combine all your appointments, meetings, and events into one central calendar, so you never let a task slip through the cracks.

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Workflow Automation

With MyCase’s legal case management, you can take the administrative load off by automating the creation of tasks, events, and documents.

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Document Management

All documents, case files, and internal templates are centralized, secure, collaborative, and easily accessible in our legal case management software. Your team and clients can access and execute documents with unlimited eSignature from wherever they are.

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Case Analytics

Look at data through a different lens with MyCase. Our case management software provides attorneys data insights that will help you learn and adapt, so your firm can keep cases moving forward. You can also track the status of all your cases so nothing slips through the cracks, and apply reports that you have previously built toward new cases.

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Advanced Document Automation

Quickly and accurately generate MS-Word based legal documents from fee agreements to discovery requests to trusts and wills.

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Internal Chat

Our internal chat function maximizes intra-office communication, allowing you to keep in touch with other attorneys and staff within your firm. Chat with one another on the fly and save case discussions to the record for future reference.

Task Management

With task management, you can view all open tasks and outstanding work, assign them to staff members for completion, and rely on our automated reminders to keep assignments on track.   

Improve the way you store your documents

Manage every document in MyCase’s legal case management software and eliminate disorganized filing systems that knock productivity off-course. Find and share every necessary detail with your clients from anywhere. Feel secure that sensitive data is never compromised.

“MyCase helps me stay organized and on top of my busy practice no matter where I am.”

Emily Amara Gordon, Amara Immigration Law, LLC 

Emily Amara Gordon from Amara Immigration Law, LLC
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Keep every case on track

Organize all of your case details in one place with centralized calendar events, staff delegation software, and due date allocation. Easily integrate our law case management software with external calendars such as Google or Outlook so you have all important deadlines in one place.

“We use the calendar in MyCase to make sure every court appearance is covered for the next day. Oversight into everyone’s calendar helps us manage the entirety of our staff and their time.”

Benson Varghese, Varghese Summersett PLLC

Benson Varghese from Varghese Summersett PLLC
MyCase legal case management: staff calendar feature
MyCase legal case management: calendaring feature

Centralize every conversation

Stop sifting through different email chains by centralizing all discussions and communications in one location. Save email and text threads directly to cases and always stay up-to-date on communication. Integrate MyCase legal case management with almost any email platform, including Outlook, Gmail, Office365, and MS Exchange.

“MyCase is a joy to use, helps you keep an eye on the progress of your cases, communicate easily and securely with clients, and, most importantly, lets me spend more time with my passion – practicing law.”

Janaan Hashim, Amal Law Group, LLC


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“MyCase and LawPay together have totally revolutionized the way we practice law.”

Molly B.
Hochglaube & DeBorde, PC

“We process hundreds of new prospects every single month. There’s no way we’d be able to tackle that volume in a timely manner without MyCase and how organized it is.”

Vi Nanthaveth
Nanthaveth & Associates, PLLC

“MyCase is a joy to use, helps you keep an eye on the progress of your cases, communicate easily and securely with clients, and, most importantly, let’s me spend more time with my passion – practicing law.”

Janaan Hashim
Amal Law Group, LLC

“Because of MyCase, I have never been this busy. At the same time, I’ve never had things this under control.”

Aaron Feldman
Feldman Law Group

“MyCase helps me stay organized and on top of my busy practice no matter where I am.”

Emily Amara Gordon
Amara Immigration Law, LLC

“We would have to adopt four or five other platforms to replace MyCase. There’s no way we could have scaled a criminal defense firm to 10 people working towards a common goal if we didn’t have MyCase.”

Benson Varghese
Varghese Summersett PLLC

Legal Case Management Software FAQs

What is legal case management software?

Law firm case management software contains a set of tools designed to keep all of your case information in one location. Your law firm management system should be your go-to for all your firm’s leads, contacts, case details, tasks and events, documents, time entries, invoicing, billing, and more.

Why should I use legal case management software?

Case management software for lawyers is an essential tool for firm efficiency and organization. With all your firm’s information in one location, your team can maximize productivity and limit wasted time hopping between multiple platforms to perform tasks. 

Do firms need case management software?

Many modern law firms are adopting attorney case management software to more efficiently manage their cases, client intake and lead management, law firm billing and payments, attorney client communication, and more. Attorney case management software also allows your firm to stay competitive by maximizing profitability and client satisfaction.

How do lawyers use case management software?

Case management software for lawyers eliminates archaic paper files and outdated platforms. Attorney management software contains everything your law firm needs to manage routine work.  Firm employees can easily create and complete tasks, organize files with legal document automation, communicate with team members and clients, bill clients, receive payment, and much more—all from your legal case management system.

Can all types of lawyers benefit from case management software?

All lawyers can benefit from using software for legal case management.  Lawyers have a lot on their plate—cloud-based legal case management software can help streamline everything a lawyer does, regardless of practice area or firm structure.

How much does legal case management software cost?

MyCase legal management software starts at $39 per user/month (billed annually). View the MyCase pricing page to see available plans.

Is it easy to implement and use?

Modern software for legal case management  provides easy-to-use functionality. At MyCase, our user-friendly design is driven by the insights and feedback from the people who use the product every day.

Will MyCase help me get started?

Through readily available training, dedicated customer support, and consistent product enhancements, MyCase provides your firm with all the support you need to get started. At MyCase, customers are typically up and running with their cloud-based legal case management software in less than two days—the fastest in the industry.

What is the best Legal Case Management Software?

MyCase is the top-rated law firm case management software with over 14,000 law firms using the platform.

What products does MyCase offer?

MyCase offers all the essential case management features such as task management, document management, contact and lead management, invoicing, billing, and payments. MyCase also has additional features like accounting, desktop document drive, website design and hosting, robust integrations and much more.