Legal Document Automation

Take repetitive legal documents off your plate

With Woodpecker, quickly and accurately fill out Word-based legal documents from fee agreements to discovery requests to trusts and wills.

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Create Word-based legal documents in a snap with Woodpecker

With Woodpecker’s Word add-in, you’ll save tons of time on legal document drafting. Instantly populate simple or complex documents, saving countless hours each week.

  • Eliminate embarrassing errors and reduce the risk of inaccurate document drafting
  • Populate one or more Word documents depending on the conditions you set
  • Create and deliver documents to your clients quicker & more efficiently

Generate legal documents with ease

One thing is clear: most small and solo law firms still wrestle with Word to create legal documents.

So Woodpecker set out to simplify Word document assembly by building a Word add-in that automates legal document creation within your existing processes and workflows. you wont even have to spend time learning new software.

“It used to take my team a month to get documents to clients, now they can open & close a case within a week, two at the most!” 

Lindsey Richard, Founding Partner, Lindsey Richard LLC


One template to                    rule them all

With IF/THEN statements, Drop-Down menus, and Formula Fields, you can create one smart Word template that wil build any version of the document you need.

When you need to make an update, you’ve only got one template to change!

“I signed up only four days ago, but it already makes me smile. Woodpecker is intuitive, easy to use, and if Integration is not available directly, then we can use Zapier.”

Dustin Webber, Partner, Indigo Legal Solutions, PLLC

Woodpecker templates seamlessly integrate with MyCase

Use your Woodpecker templates directly from within MyCase. Eliminate duplicate data entry by automatically generating documents using your existing client and case information stored in MyCase.

“I really appreciate the thought that has gone into the program and I wish I had known about it 6 months ago when I wasted a week on trying to make Word do what I did not have the programming skills to make it do.”

Martin Bartfeld QC, Family Law

Woodpecker Document Automation Integration
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