Customizable Legal Client Intake Forms and Software

Automate new client onboarding with electronic client intake forms

Elevate your onboarding experience and make sure every client engagement starts off on the right foot. MyCase law firm client intake forms eliminate all manual work, giving attorneys more time to serve more prospective clients and close more cases.

Man using the MyCase client intake form
MyCase client intake software feature: sync clients to case details

Customize client interactions

Build and customize legal client intake form templates for each area of law that you practice. 

  • Give your firm and clients the freedom and flexibility to complete digital forms from any device 
  • Customize the form with an easy-to-use template builder which includes the addition of your logo
  • Tailor onboarding questions to the various stages of your intake pipeline.
MyCase client intake form overview
MyCase client intake form template builder

Seamless Client Intake

Our legal software simplifies your client intake process from start to finish with digital client intake forms that eliminate manual data entry. 

“We digitized our intake forms using MyCase, and it’s reduced the time it takes to onboard a client by up to 8 days.”

Jason Kohlmeyer, Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd

Jason Kohlmeyer from Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd
MyCase client intake software feature: sync clients to case details

Worry-free intake without the extra work

Want to reduce the time spent on manual data entry, and eliminate the risk of data duplication? Consider it done. Our client intake software ensures all data flows seamlessly and securely to your law firm CRM. Once retained, your client’s intake information syncs directly to the client case file.

  • Save time spent on manually collecting and inputting data 
  • Receive notifications whenever a new form is submitted
  • Improve accuracy by letting clients enter their new or updated details themselves
Track lead stages with the best crm for lawyers.

See how an Austin Firm Quadrupled Client Intake with MyCase

“Because of MyCase, we’ve seen such a growth in the business, literally going from maybe meeting three to four people a day to meeting 15 people a day.”

Vi Nanthaveth, Nanthaveth & Associates, PLLC

Client Intake Form FAQs

What is a client intake form?

A client intake form captures important client information before meeting them to reduce time spent on data entry. You can put a client intake form directly on your website or send it out via email to prospective clients, enabling you to collect the information you need to make informed decisions about whether they’re a good match for your law services or firm.

How does client intake software benefit law firms?

With an electronic client intake form, you can efficiently conduct pre-screens to determine if prospective clients are the right match for your services. Electronic client intake forms for law firms can prevent you from losing track of leads, getting lost in paperwork, and losing time on long, tedious processes for gathering client information. Instead, legal client intake software can offer the following benefits:

  • Saves time: New client intake forms can save your law firm time by helping you manage prospects and follow up with leads. Reducing the amount of time it takes for administrative paperwork allows you to focus more on pleasing clients and providing them with valuable services. 
  • Reduces human error: Manual data entry can lead to errors, which can harm your business. Intake form software reduces human errors and lowers the risk to your business. With intake forms, you can gather all the information you need directly from the prospective client. 
  • Improves client experience and satisfaction: Electronic client intake forms can improve the client experience. With the right software, you can avoid back-and-forth communication to gather the information you need. With a streamlined intake process, you can give prospects a good first impression and make their lives easier by reducing how much time they need to spend communicating with you to share critical information. 
  • Better collaboration: Electronic client intake forms improve internal collaboration, allowing you to integrate it with client relationship management (CRM) software to help staff find the information they need when they need it. 
  • Streamlines processes: With electronic client intake forms for law firms, you can streamline internal processes by integrating your forms with your website and use lead management software to reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks.

What is the best cloud-based client intake software for lawyers?

MyCase legal client intake software can help you improve your client onboarding experience to make a good first impression while reducing the amount of time your staff spends on administrative tasks. With MyCase client intake forms, you can automate client interactions by allowing them to complete forms from any device and reduce human errors associated with manual data entry while saving time spent on administrative tasks.

Does MyCase’s client intake software make it easy for lawyers to take in new clients?

MyCase’s new client intake forms make it easier to onboard new clients and manage cases. By automating new client onboarding, you can create customizable forms and let prospects give you the information you need to get started on their case. You can also customize form questions depending on the pipeline stage, while saving time and improving accuracy in your client data.

Can client intake forms be reused?

With intake form software from MyCase, you can build forms from templates and embed them into your website so clients can easily connect with you. This means you can reuse an electronic client intake form rather than printing out a new intake form for every potential client. In addition, any information collected from intake forms goes into your client management system to ensure you have all the information about your clients and their cases.

What products does MyCase offer?

MyCase is an all-in-one case management solution for lawyers and law firms. In addition, we offer several products to streamline your internal processes, including the following:

  • Client Intake & Lead Management: With client intake forms, eSignature, and CRM, you can streamline internal processes to ensure you know everything there is to know about your clients and their cases. 
  • Case Management: Workflow automation, calendaring, and document management can help you track your cases in a single dashboard. 
  • Billing & Payments: Create invoices, track time, and accept payments with our Billing & Payment solutions to help you worry less about payments and more about spending time on your clients’ cases. 

With MyCase, you can improve client relationships and run your law firm more efficiently. Try MyCase Client Intake Forms today to collect the necessary information to improve your onboarding process.