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Calendaring software that keeps you connected

Stay current on all case events and deadlines across your entire firm with our law firm calendaring software.

Professional woman walking the streets looking at MyCase’s calendaring software on her phone
MyCase legal calendaring software feature: create and monitor court dates and deadlines

Nothing falls through the cracks

MyCase legal calendaring software reduces the risk of missed deadlines by combining all your appointments, meetings, and events into one central calendar. 

  • Stay on the ball with automatic or pre-scheduled reminders, notifications, and updates via text message
  • Color-code calendar entries based on the event type, and filter the calendar to only show the type of event you want to see at a glance, at that time 
  • Staff can schedule reminders for attorneys for events and deadlines so they never miss an important date.
MyCase legal case management: calendaring feature

Get full team and client coverage

From Partners to Paralegals, coordinate with your entire team on firm-wide appointments, deadlines, and staff meetings on one central calendar, with automatic updates sent out to all invitees. MyCase ensures the whole firm can easily keep track of everyone’s times and availability.

“We send MyCase text reminders to both current and prospective clients. I rarely have a no-show.” 

Brandon Osterbind, Osterbind Law PLLC


Brandon Osterbind from Osterbind Law PLLC
MyCase legal case management: staff calendar feature
MyCase legal case management: calendaring feature

Stay in sync

When you integrate with Google or Outlook calendars, all scheduled events are added directly to both calendars, keeping everyone in the loop at all times – no duplicate data entry necessary. 

  • Set up integration in under five minutes 
  • Make updates to your calendar in real-time 
  • Reduce time spent on data duplication


MyCase legal case management: calendar integration

Never miss a deadline

Tailor your calendar to suit your needs, whether it’s creating automated routine bookings or a one-off event for a particular case. With MyCase legal calendaring software, you can easily create and monitor court dates, deadlines, and Statute of Limitations dates in your firm’s central calendar.

“We use the calendar in MyCase to make sure every court appearance is covered for the next day. Oversight into everyone’s calendar helps us manage the entirety of our staff and their time.”

Benson Varghese, Varghese Summersett PLLC

Benson Varghese from Varghese Summersett PLLC
MyCase legal calendaring software feature: create and monitor court dates and deadlines

Create events for court rules-based deadlines with LawToolBox

  • A direct LawToolBox integration gives you access to a library of hundreds of court rule sets across all 50 states 
  • Create events with court rules-based calculations in your MyCase Calendar
  • Save time and avoid errors caused by manual entry, and protect your firm from malpractice lawsuits
MyCase legal calendaring software feature: create events with court rules-based deadlines

Never miss a deadline with the MyCase LawToolBox integration.
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Calendaring Software FAQs

What is legal calendaring software?

Legal calendaring software tracks all of your important events, such as court rules, deadlines, and appointments, combining them into one central calendar. With calendaring software, you can use integrations to let your email software, such as Gmail and Outlook, communicate with your calendar and ensure you never miss a court hearing or client meeting. Instead, lawyers can color code or filter entries to stay on schedule. Certain integrations allow specific court deadlines to be pulled in and tracked within your MyCase calendar.

Why do attorneys need calendar software?

Calendaring software for law firms helps lawyers stay on top of their tasks and essential meetings to reduce time spent on data entry. With workflow automation, they can create events for court rules-based deadlines while avoiding errors. Efficient and reliable legal calendar software will enable attorneys to spend less time on manual entries and more time focusing on winning cases.

Is MyCase’s calendaring software designed for lawyers?

Yes, MyCase’s attorney calendar software is designed for lawyers, allowing them to track everything from client meetings to court hearings and deadlines in one central calendar and create shared calendar views to keep everyone on the same page.

What is the best calendaring software for law firms?

MyCase legal calendaring software helps lawyers stay connected and prevents missed deadlines. With integrations like Google Calendar and LawToolBox, scheduled events can be directly added to a unified calendar. Additionally, custom workflows allow attorneys to create rules-based events to reduce the time it takes to update their calendars.

How much does MyCase legal calendaring software cost?

MyCase legal calendaring software features vary in availability based on your chosen plan. You can track task deadlines on any of our legal calendar software plans. However, our Premium Legal Calendar is only available for Pro and Advanced plans. We offer three different plan tiers based on your needs, so you’ll only pay for the features that you want to access.

Can MyCase’s calendaring software track billable hours?

With MyCase’s Basic plan, you can enter time and track expenses. However, our legal time tracking software feature is available in the MyCase Pro and Advanced tiers. Time tracking allows you to automatically associate  time tracked to cases, consolidate billable hours into invoices, and create invoices based on time entries.

What products does MyCase offer?

MyCase is a robust legal case management software designed to provide law firms and attorneys with the tools they need to focus less on administrative tasks and more on their clients. A few of our top products include the following:


  • Case Management: Case management helps lawyers manage their cases from start to finish with calendaring, workflow automation, and document management. 
  • Billing & Payments: Streamline time tracking, billing, and payments to get paid faster and record every minute spent on a case. 
  • Client Communication: Communicate effortlessly with clients using client portals and built-in text messaging to help you stay connected without losing important documents. Our client portal lets attorneys get real-time updates when a client sends a message, uploads a document, or completes a task.

“MyCase and LawPay together have totally revolutionized the way we practice law.”

Molly B.
Hochglaube & DeBorde, PC

“We process hundreds of new prospects every single month. There’s no way we’d be able to tackle that volume in a timely manner without MyCase and how organized it is.”

Vi Nanthaveth
Nanthaveth & Associates, PLLC

“MyCase is a joy to use, helps you keep an eye on the progress of your cases, communicate easily and securely with clients, and, most importantly, let’s me spend more time with my passion – practicing law.”

Janaan Hashim
Amal Law Group, LLC

“Because of MyCase, I have never been this busy. At the same time, I’ve never had things this under control.”

Aaron Feldman
Feldman Law Group

“MyCase helps me stay organized and on top of my busy practice no matter where I am.”

Emily Amara Gordon
Amara Immigration Law, LLC

“We would have to adopt four or five other platforms to replace MyCase. There’s no way we could have scaled a criminal defense firm to 10 people working towards a common goal if we didn’t have MyCase.”

Benson Varghese
Varghese Summersett PLLC