Real estate law software

Centralize case data for your real estate law firm

Real estate law cases require diligent research and information-gathering, meaning the accuracy of your documents and communications is paramount. Easily track and manage all your real estate case-related data, which is centralized and shareable in MyCase, to ensure that everyone is informed and up-to-date, including your clients, realtors, and other interested parties.

Client intake for real estate law 

Grow your firm with digital client intake forms and lead management, and eliminate time spent on manual data entry and the risk of data duplication. Once a client is retained, data flows from client intake directly to the related case.

Task management

Easily create, assign, and track real estate-related tasks on both a personal and firm-wide level. Add items like checklists, descriptions, due dates, and priorities, and send out automatic task reminders to help you stay on top of every deadline. These tasks can be assigned to specific firm members, and linked to relevant cases.

Document sharing and collaboration

Get instant access to all of your firm’s critical documents and customize document folders, add comments to existing files, and much more. Save all messages in MyCase (including emails, text messages, and call logs), so that you always have a reliable record to reference.

“The MyCase portal is phenomenal. It has driven everything to that one location, which has dramatically reduced phone calls. Clients just sign in to get up to speed. They don’t have to call and ask where the closing is because they get the information right from MyCase, including access to Google maps, which tells them exactly where to go.  And, realtors love it. They can log in and access everything related to a transaction. In fact, they like it so much, they’ve even started sending me new referrals just because of MyCase.”

Mark Metzger, Law Office of Mark Metzger (an Illinois-based real estate firm)

MyCase legal case management: document storage feature

Secure and effective communication

The MyCase Client Portal provides a secure environment for you to share case information, billing information, and communicate with clients and contacts. Instead of relying on scattered channels of communication (email, phone, text message, traditional mail), the MyCase Client Portal will become your firm’s one-and-only platform for communication.