General practice law firm software

Grow your general practice

When you are a general practitioner, it can be tough to find a legal software solution that will help you effectively grow and scale your business. MyCase makes it possible. 


Streamlined communication and document sharing

  • Efficiently and securely share messages, documents, and upcoming events from within MyCase so you can exceed client expectations with ease.
  • Record and store all messages (including emails, text messages, internal chat messages, and call logs), so that you have a complete and always available record to reference.

“MyCase’s Client Portal is so much easier to use than some other software. The clients like it better, and they have an easy time accessing it. That makes a huge difference for me when I’m collecting documents from people. I don’t like emailing and I often get tax documents and things like that all the time from people. So not having to worry about that from a security standpoint is huge.”

Chris Huether, Huether & Luethner, Ltd. (Minnesota general practice firm that handles family law, consumer bankruptcy, real estate, and estate planning matters).

Never miss a deadline

Simplify the creation and monitoring of court dates, deadlines, and statute of limitations dates in your firm’s central calendar to see which cases require your immediate attention. Integrate with CalendarRules get access to a library of over 1,800 court rule sets across all 50 states.

MyCase legal case management: staff calendar feature
MyCase legal case management: calendaring feature