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Working with MyCase is a win-win. Our program helps you increase revenue, attract new clients and keep customers happy.

Why Become a MyCase Certified Consultant?

With MyCase, you and your clients get easy legal case management, all-in-one accounting, benefits, access to training, support, and more.

Introduce clients to legal software they’ll love.
Save time managing client data and help them remain compliant
Earn rewards when you successfully refer clients

MyCase is the legal platform for small law firms

MyCase was built for small law firms, from lead intake to billing invoicing and even payments.

  • Case management, Intake and lead management
  • Best-in-class support
  • Full-service legal accounting
Become a Consultant
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Be the advisor that small law firms need

Give your clients the best—and grow your business. The MyCase Consultant Program supports legal accounting, bookkeeping, business, and IT professionals who want to get their clients up and running with MyCase, the all-in-one legal practice management platform. Refer clients to MyCase, and we’ll take it from there.

Join the MyCase Consultant Program

Every Certified Consultant gets free on demand training, live webinars, CPE
Free access to MyCase license for demo/testing
Support for you and your clients
Add a new service line to your firm – attract clients

Referral Partner

The first step towards becoming a MyCase Certified Consultant 

  • One time commission when you submit firm as a lead, sales will take it from there
  • No training or minimum requirements
  • Earn 10% of ACV with annual contract
  • Earn 5% of ACV with monthly sign up


Become a Consultant
Certified Consultant

Earned after 3 new account subscriptions and basic training completed

  • One time commission when you submit firm as a lead, you can work with our sales team
  • Listing in our certified consultant directory
  • Earn a higher rate of commission
  • Silver Badge to add to your website


Gold Certified Consultant

Earned after 20 new user subscriptions and advanced training completed 

  • Earn the highest commission available in our program
  • Priority listing in our certified consultant directory
  • Priority support for you and your clients
  • Gold Badge to add to your website


You and your clients are going to love MyCase


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Streamline legal case management and accounting, and start advising your clients in valuable new ways.


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