5 Useful Apple Watch Apps For Lawyers

It’s been a little over two years now since the Apple Watch was released, and just last month Apple Watch Series 3 was released. With the passage of time, I’ve noticed more and more Watches appearing on people’s wrists – including lawyers’. So it wasn’t all that surprising when I read last month that since launching in 2015, more than 30 million Apple Watches have been shipped. That’s a lot of Watches.

Of course, once you have a new mobile gadget, whether it’s a smartphone or a wearable device, figuring how to make the best use of it can sometimes be a challenge. The good news is that choosing the right apps for your mobile device can make all the difference. With the right apps, your Watch has the potential to become one of your most valued mobile devices. The trick is knowing which apps will be most useful to you.

A few weeks ago I shared some of my favorite iPhone apps for lawyers. Since Apple Watches are increasing in popularity, I figured it was time to share 5 of the most useful Apple Watch apps for lawyers, too. So without further ado, here they are:

  1. iTranslate Converse: This app ($4.99/month) allows you to translate conversations in over 100 languages while offline. This app is particularly useful for immigration and criminal defense lawyers who often encounter clients who speak a variety of languages. To use it, you simply speak into your Watch. It then automatically translates into the appropriate language, which is determined using either geolocation data or the languages that you select. Watch a video of this Watch app in action here.
  2. Keynote: The Keynote app comes pre-installed on your Watch. If you use Keynote to present, it’s a great tool. With your Apple Watch Keynote app, you’re able to use your Watch as a remote to advance the slides. The trick is to ensure that you have properly connected your Watch to the device you’re using to present, whether it’s your laptop, iPhone, or iPad. Here are instructions to help you do just that.
  3. Just Press Record: This is a very useful app for unobtrusively recording and transcribing conversations and meetings. It costs $4.99 and the Watch app allows you to record for an unlimited amount of time and then transfer the recording to your iPhone, where it can be  transcribed.
  4. Slack: Slack is a messaging and communication tool that law firms are increasingly taking advantage of. It streamlines internal communications by making it easy for team members to quickly and efficiently message each other in channels devoted to a specific case file or topic. Conversations are searchable and accessible from computers and mobile devices. The Slack Apple Watch app is quite useful since you can determine which notifications you receive on your Watch, whether it’s mentions of your username or direct messages sent to you. You can also easily respond by dictating a reply or using  the auto-reply prompts provided.
  5. Overcast: Ever since the Serial podcast took the world by storm, lawyers’ interest in podcasts has been though the roof. If you’re one of those lawyers who’s a podcast convert, then an intuitive, easy-to-use podcast app is a must, and Overcast fits the bill. It’s a free app that is ad-supported, but if you’d prefer to an ad-free experience, you’ll need to pay $9.99/year. The Watch app allows you to choose and control the podcasts playing on your iPhone from across the room. For a few months in 2017, you could actually play podcasts on your Watch, but that capability was removed when the new Watch iOS was rolled out. Hopefully it will return to the Watch in due time.

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