Best Smartphone for Lawyers: By the Numbers (Tablets, too)

What’s the best smartphone for lawyers? What about the best tablet?

There’s no doubt about it – lawyers love their mobile devices. For proof look no further than the American Bar Association’s 2013 Legal Technology Survey. As can be seen in the infographic below, according to the results of that survey, the use of smart phones & tablets by lawyers has increased dramatically in recent years with 91% of lawyers surveyed now reporting that they use smart phones in their law practices. The use of tablets by lawyers is on the rise as well and nearly half of all lawyers now use tablets for work-related reasons.

Interestingly, lawyers’ preferred mobile devices have changed quite a bit in recent years, in keeping with shifts seen throughout the general population. So, not surprisingly, Blackberrys, once the device of choice for many lawyers, are falling out of favor, as more mobile device users, including lawyers, switch to Apple and Android systems. As a result of this shift, the battle between Apple and Android has heated up quite a bit, and although lawyers have historically preferred Apple devices over Android, the tide is beginning to turn. As you can see in the infographic below, Android market share amongst lawyers is on the rise.

That’s why, as we recently announced at ABA Techshow, in addition to our popular iOS app, we’ve now released a MyCase app for Android devices, which you can download here in the Google Play Store. 

Interested in learning more about mobile device use by lawyers? Then check out the infographic below to for lots of interesting Android and mobile statistics!

Where do you fit in when it comes to mobile devices? Which device(s) do you use in your law practice and why? What do you think is the best smartphone for lawyers? The best tablet?

Let us know in the comments.