Meet Ruby: MyCase’s Newest Integration

By Nichole Naoum

Running a successful law firm in the digital age requires using an array of technologies — hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure, to name a few. And since nothing works in silos anymore, each of these components needs to operate seamlessly together.

Since the beginning, our goal at MyCase has been to make it easy for law firms to use the technology they need to serve their clients efficiently. We do that by prioritizing flexibility and customization through new product updates and integrations. 

We’re thrilled to announce our integration with Ruby, a leading provider of live virtual receptionist and chat services for 5,000+ solo and small practice attorneys across the U.S.


“MyCase’s intuitive and easy-to-adopt law practice management software enables law firm growth by providing comprehensive client lifecycle management tools. Given Ruby’s proven experience and long history managing call handling and client communications in the legal services field, it only makes sense that Ruby is now one of MyCase’s preferred integration partners,” says Jim McGinnis, CEO of MyCase. “As we combine our areas of expertise, together we are providing attorneys with a higher-touch client experience that naturally leads to a more productive way of working for the attorneys themselves.”

This new partnership provides attorneys with tools that save time on administrative tasks, so they can focus on practicing law and improving their bottom line. It will also enhance responsiveness and organizational management by syncing information from Ruby’s call handling into the MyCase system and passing on key call details. 

As MyCase stores lawyers’ critical case information in an accessible, centralized location, when Ruby receptionists answer firms’ calls, the data is visible within MyCase. Not only will attorneys receive real-time updates on the status of their work and clients, but they’ll also be able to log more billable hours. 

For a limited time, MyCase members will save $75 off their first month on Ruby’s virtual receptionist and live chat services when they sign up here using promo code MYCASE75.

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