5 Billing Best Practices for Growing Law Firms

Apply these five best practices to get paid faster and in full more consistently.

Getting paid has always been a point of friction for attorneys. Missing billable hours or calling clients to pay overdue invoices are common pitfalls that contribute to significant loss of revenue. But as the saying goes: “Modern problems require modern solutions.”

In this guide, we explore the most common billing challenges law firms face and how implementing simple process changes and legal technology will help you minimize the time and hassle associated with collecting payment on time and in full.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce repetitive tasks associated with tracking and entering billable time
  • Significantly cut down on time spent creating invoices
  • Simplify invoice send and payment reminders to clients
  • Standardize the steps required to accept, receive, and account for payment
  • And much more!
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