MyCase Payments:
What Is An ACH Payment?

payments_v1Last week we shared the news that MyCase is launching a new feature: MyCase ACH Payments--a feature will be offered as a free service to all eligible customers. This new feature was developed with the unique needs of lawyers in mind, is exclusively integrated with MyCase, and supports both operating and trust bank accounts.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to explain why we’re so excited about MyCase Payments and how it will benefit our customers and their clients. But first, let’s cover the ins and outs of ACH payments. After all, you need to understand what it is in order to understand why and how Payments will benefit your law practice.

The MyCase ACH Payment feature allows eligible MyCase customers to receive electronic payments from their clients using MyCase–for free. The payment is received via an ACH debit transaction.

In order for an ACH transaction to occur, a legal client must authorize his or her lawyer to initiate a Direct Payment transaction that withdraws or pulls the funds from the client’s checking account to pay a legal bill. The payment is then automatically debited from the client’s checking account.

It’s that simple! And it’s a free service for all eligible MyCase customers!

Interested in learning more about how MyCase Payments works and why it’s so beneficial to both lawyers and their clients? Then tune in for the next few weeks to learn all about MyCase Payments. Next week we’ll explain how MyCase Payments works so make sure to check back then!

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