MyCase + InfoTrack Integration: Faster and More Accurate e-Filing 

By Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Running a profitable law firm requires tedious and time-consuming key court filing tasks. Navigating multiple filing systems, re-entering client data, and keeping track of the requirements of different jurisdictions can make these tasks difficult and if done incorrectly can cost your firm a case. A reliable e-Filing system makes the process less daunting and ensures compliance with different court system requirements. 

In response to this hurdle that many firms face, MyCase and InfoTrack are thrilled to announce an integration to give you more confidence in your filing process. Now, legal professionals can rely on automation for tasks such as court filings, service of process orders, eSignatures, while improving case organization in MyCase. 

With this solution, legal professionals can:

  • Populate court filings using MyCase data for faster and more accurate data entry
  • Sync documents back to MyCase for better organization 
  • Place e-filing orders without having to leave MyCase
  • Automatically track filing costs alongside cases in MyCase
  • Store expenses and filed documents in MyCase

What is InfoTrack?

InfoTrack is a tool that automates key court filing tasks such as e-filing, process serving, and tracking expenses. This service is not a SaaS but a pay-per-transaction system. (Pricing differs by jurisdiction and service.)

For more in-depth information on InfoTrack, refer to this page

Top Benefits of InfoTrack

  • Better case organization: No more forgetting to invoice clients or letting expenses slip through the cracks. Filing costs are automatically tracked alongside cases in MyCase so firms can bill back to clients. 
  • More accurate data: Firms can populate court filings from multiple jurisdictions using MyCase data. This eliminates the need to navigate through various e-filing systems and increases data accuracy. 
  • Save time on non-billable tasks: No need to waste time on menial, non-billable (but vital) tasks. All documents are automatically and accurately filed and served and all time and expenses are tracked. 

How Does the Integration Work?

The MyCase and InfoTrack integration stores filed or processed documents alongside cases with associated filing expenses. Meaning you can use existing client data and documents from MyCase to automate the serving and filing of documents and expenses. 

Here are a few example tasks that the integration can be used for:

  • Court filing: Electronically file across certain states and physically file in California courts where required
  • Process serving: Serve documents nationwide and automatically generate a service with existing data
  • Court searching: Search full court records across federal and bankruptcy courts in all states
  • Courtesy copy delivery: Get e-filed documents to judges’ chambers in California courts within the required deadlines  

Create a More Efficient Filing System Today

With the InfoTrack and MyCase integration in your corner, you can easily file and serve court documents in half the time, improve case organization with returned document syncing, and save time on client invoicing with automatic expense tracking. 

To see how this works firsthand, request a MyCase demo and set up a free InfoTrack account.

MyCase users can activate this integration by creating a free InfoTrack account and selecting MyCase as their case management system.