2022 Benchmark Report Part 3: How Lawyers Get Clients

By Nicole Black


Clients are the heart and soul of law firms. After all, without clients, you wouldn’t have much of a business. Understanding how to market your firm and keep current clients happy is of the utmost importance. Doing so ensures a successful and thriving law practice. That’s why implementing a strong lead and intake process is pivotal. As the data below shows, a streamlined lead management system can help your firm convert more referrals into paying clients, resulting in revenue growth and reduced client acquisition costs.

In the MyCase 2022 Benchmark Report, we analyze anonymized data obtained from MyCase to provide actionable business insights, including:

  • How customers make the most of our software
  • Which features are most beneficial for different law firms
  • How the tools built into MyCase increase efficiency and profitability for our customers 

In Part 1, we analyzed data to determine how work gets done in firms and by whom. In Part 2, we pulled financial data related to law firm revenues, collection rates, payment timeframes, and practice area hourly rates by geographical region.

In Part 3, we’ll review lead management data to gain a better understanding of how our customers obtain and convert leads into clients, and how the pandemic affected that process. You can compare the results against your law firm’s lead intake processes and determine steps to streamline and improve your lead generation pipeline.

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