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Hassle-Free Invoice Generation for Law Firms

From invoice creation, to sharing, to visibility into payment status, MyCase reduces time spent preparing and keeping track of monthly billing.

A checklist, cloud, and envelope icons.
A checklist, cloud, and envelope icons.

Reduce hours spent on legal invoicing

Manually compiling your law firm's invoices can equate to several hours of lost time each month. MyCase automates invoice creation by automatically pulling time entries for each of your cases, then applying them to your invoices, enabling you to generate invoices in bulk on demand. In doing so, MyCase legal invoicing software features will save you hours — month after month.

Key features:

  • Easy time/expense tracking on the go
  • Batch Billing
  • Invoice customization
  • UTBMS codes and LEDES billing

Share invoices the way your clients prefer

Generating invoices is just the first step, you need to ensure that your clients receive them. MyCase legal invoicing software allows you share invoices in a variety of ways — via the MyCase Client Portal, email from within MyCase, or traditional paper. And with the MyCase Client Portal, you're notified whenever a client has viewed or taken action on an open legal invoice.

Key features:

  • Share directly via Secure Client Portal
  • Email directly
  • Download a PDF digital copy
  • Directly print a hardcopy from MyCase

Stay on top of overdue legal invoices and outstanding payment balances

As unpaid balances pile up, so does the time needed to keep tabs on them. MyCase ensures you never lose track of unpaid invoices by enabling you to easily monitor all outstanding and overdue payments with Aging Invoices and Accounts Receivable reporting. And MyCase automated payment reminders see to it that all clients with outstanding legal invoice balances are automatically notified of their balance, helping you collect payment with zero manual effort required.

Key features:

  • Accounts receivable reporting
  • Invoice filtering by status
  • Automated invoice reminders
Sending automated invoices with MyCase has given us so much time back. Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd

Jason Kohlmeyer

Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd


What is legal invoicing software?

Legal invoicing software is used to create invoices to deliver to clients for payment of legal services rendered. While manually compiling your firm's invoices can be time consuming, legal invoicing software can streamline this process by automatically pulling time entries for each of your cases and applying them to your invoices in bulk.

What are the benefits of legal invoicing software?

Legal invoicing software streamlines your invoicing processes so that you can quickly create, and send out invoices for payment. Legal invoicing software is especially efficient when your legal invoicing software is connected to your case management and payments software.

Which types of law firms is invoicing software appropriate for?

Law firm invoicing software is appropriate for all law firms of all sizes who send out invoices to their clients. An invoice creation software built into your case management software is essential for creating professional invoices that are connected to your case and time keeping data.

Does MyCase invoicing software for lawyers include customization features or capabilities?

With MyCase invoicing software features, you can add customizable fields, include a firm logo, change the invoice theme, and much more to ensure your clients receive a timely and professional legal invoice.

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