Legal Billing Software That Integrates With QuickBooks Online

Streamlined Accounting for Law Firms

Always keep your books up to date with the MyCase QuickBooks Online Integration.

Sync billing and QuickBooks in less than 5 minutes

The MyCase QuickBooks Online integration is self-setup, easy and completely free.

  • Add your QuickBooks credentials and select the accounts you want synced with your MyCase legal billing software
  • Get a one-way sync of your law firm’s accounting data into QuickBooks Online
  • Save time and increases consistency across your accounting by eliminating uploads, downloads, and duplicate entries
MyCase legal time tracking software feature: Add time and expense entries to batch billing

Integrate detailed legal time and expense entries with QuickBooks Online

  • Carry over line-by-line time and expense information from MyCase legal billing software to QuickBooks Online
  • Get greater flexibility in firm reporting and allows visibility into invoice details in QuickBooks
  • Accountants, who sometimes do not have access to MyCase, can view this detailed data in QuickBooks directly
MyCase legal billing software feature: add time entries to cases
MyCase legal billing software feature: add time entries

Syncing of trust and general retainers

In addition to syncing trust retainers to QuickBooks Online, MyCase’s QuickBooks and legal billing software integration also includes syncing of general (non-trust) retainers directly into a firm’s operating account. You can also deposit into or withdraw from as well as make payments on invoices from Trust or General Retainers.

“I use the QuickBooks integration, which automatically reconciles with MyCase. At the end of the year I check it to make sure the numbers line up and they always do. Taxes this year were a breeze.”

Emily Amara Gordon

Amara Immigration Law, LLC

Emily Amara Gordon from Amara Immigration Law, LLC
MyCase legal billing features: trust account balance overview


What are the steps for integrating MyCase law firm billing software with QuickBooks?

Once you become a MyCase user, integrating your account with Quickbooks Online is just a few clicks away. To connect MyCase’s law firm billing software with Quickbooks, you can install the integration within your MyCase account in your profile settings. After answering a few questions, your MyCase account will be linked with your Quickbooks account so that you can streamline your legal accounting!

Are there any limitations with integrating MyCase legal billing software with QuickBooks Online?

To integrate Quickbooks with MyCase’s legal billing software, you must have an active MyCase account, and an active Quickbooks Online account. After setting up the integration, you can transfer your MyCase data into Quickbooks through a one-way sync. Although you can not transfer your Quickbooks data into MyCase, this one-way integration saves you time and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.

How much does it cost to integrate QuickBooks with MyCase legal billing software?

The ability to integrate your MyCase Account with your Quickbooks account is included in the MyCase Pro tier: $59 per User/Month(billed annually) or $69 per User/Month(billed monthly).

“MyCase and LawPay together have totally revolutionized the way we practice law.”

Molly B.
Hochglaube & DeBorde, PC

“We process hundreds of new prospects every single month. There’s no way we’d be able to tackle that volume in a timely manner without MyCase and how organized it is.”

Vi Nanthaveth
Nanthaveth & Associates, PLLC

“MyCase is a joy to use, helps you keep an eye on the progress of your cases, communicate easily and securely with clients, and, most importantly, let’s me spend more time with my passion – practicing law.”

Janaan Hashim
Amal Law Group, LLC

“Because of MyCase, I have never been this busy. At the same time, I’ve never had things this under control.”

Aaron Feldman
Feldman Law Group

“MyCase helps me stay organized and on top of my busy practice no matter where I am.”

Emily Amara Gordon
Amara Immigration Law, LLC

“We would have to adopt four or five other platforms to replace MyCase. There’s no way we could have scaled a criminal defense firm to 10 people working towards a common goal if we didn’t have MyCase.”

Benson Varghese
Varghese Summersett PLLC