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A pie chart, bar graph, and segmented arrow icons.

Accounts Receivables Reports

You should never be in the dark about the status of an invoice. MyCase Accounts Receivable reporting provides visibility into the status of your firm's invoices: open, received, or past due. This enables your firm to track the exact status of invoices with the insight needed to take prompt action towards collection.

Time & Expense Reports

Get insight into billing productivity for every member of your firm. With MyCase Time & Expense reports, get a full breakdown of daily, weekly or monthly billing for the members of your firm, on a specific case, or by practice area. Stay on top of your team's performance and be confident that they are capturing (and billing) every billable minute.

Financial Performance Reports

You need to keep your finger on the pulse of your firm's financial performance, both at a case level and across broader measures — individual attorney, staff, and practice area. MyCase provides these insights through a variety of financial performance reports designed to deliver deeper understanding and help your firm make informed decisions.

Trust Account Reports

Track your existing trust accounts across all of your clients with optics into balance, payment amount and method, and the associated case. These reports also help your firm maintain accounting compliance in accordance with state law. You can also use these reports to share trust account status easily with your clients.

Case Revenue Report

Get a live snapshot of Amount Billed versus Amount Collected for cases across any given date range. Whether your firm bills hourly or offers a flat rate, the Case Revenue Report in MyCase factors in expenses, rates, and time entries to provide a clear picture of your firm's financial performance for you to verify you're earning what you're owed.

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