Prepare Your Firm for the New Year With MyCase’s 2020 Guide Series

The unforgettable year that was 2020 is nearly over. There are only a few days left, and then thankfully, it will soon be behind us. We can then look forward to a brand new year – one that’s full of lots of potential for success and prosperity.

As you prepare your firm for the new year, you’ll need to take into account the continuing effects of the pandemic and ensure that you build resiliency into your law firm’s business plan. That way your firm will be able to survive and thrive in the new year, whatever it may bring.

And what better place to begin planning for 2021 than with our FREE series of law practice management guides from the past year? Every month in 2020 we published an eBook designed to help law firms weather the unexpected challenges of the past year and thrive despite the uncertainty. With widespread vaccinations still months away, these guides continue to be relevant and will help you lay a stable foundation for your firm and prepare for a successful new year. So what are you waiting for? Download a few eBooks – or the entire series – today!

2021 Law Firm New Year’s Checklist

The way that attorneys conduct business has drastically changed since the pandemic first swept across the country. As a result, the ability to offer virtual client experiences and facilitate remote staff collaboration will be absolute necessities for law firms in the coming year. If your 2020 annual planning was interrupted as a result of COVID-19, never fear! Download this guide for a checklist that offers concrete, actionable steps you can depend on to carry your firm through 2021 and beyond — no matter what changes come your way.

The 7 Pitfalls Of On-Premise Software

Much of your law firm’s efficiency hinges on the back-end technology streamlining your processes. But when antiquated software begins to slow down your processes or require extravagant upkeep costs, you may find further investment unjustifiable – and even harmful to your business. Download this guide to learn how to re-evaluate your legal technology with this head-to-head comparison of on-premise and cloud-based software.

5 Ways to Manage and Safeguard Your Business

Download this guide to learn about proactive ways that you can leverage MyCase law practice management software to maintain business continuity in the midst of uncertainty. You’ll find out how to make the most of the remote working features built into MyCase to support your firm’s team even when it’s dispersed due to circumstances outside of your control. With the power of MyCase’s cloud-based technology, you’ll be able to continue to maintain firm operations and ensure stability throughout 2021.

An Attorney’s Guide to Setting Up a Remote Law Firm

Download this guide to learn how to maintain business continuity for your firm no matter what the circumstances. In this guide you’ll learn how to maintain productivity while working remotely,  centralize case details and internal communications, support strong client communication, and
sustain a healthy cash flow.

COVID-19 Legal Survey Results

MyCase launched a COVID-19 survey to determine how law firms were impacted by the pandemic. This survey explored the state of law offices, current workload, and predictions for the future of the legal industry. The survey results revealed the financial, operational, and individual challenges attorneys faced and continue to encounter as a result of the impact of COVID-19. Download this guide to read the findings to see how your firm’s response to the pandemic compared to that of other law firms.

Tips for Automating Your Law Practice

Managing a law firm means running through a number of repetitive daily processes to stay on task — from client intake to document generation. These necessary but tedious tasks can take their toll on the efficiency of your practice by draining hours from your workday. The good news: almost any aspect of your law practice can be automated. Download this guide to find out how to make that a reality in your law firm.

An Attorney’s Guide To Law Firm Profitability

Running a lucrative law firm demands vigilance in deriving insights from your financial performance. To that end, visibility into your firm’s revenue, accounts receivable, and cash flow is your gateway to increased profitability. Want to learn more? Then download this guide and find out what it means to take control of your finances, and why firms with sharp financial oversight outlast those that neglect it.

Business Management for Law Firms During COVID-19: An Attorney’s Guide

Managing partners should never have to make decisions based on speculation, especially during times of uncertainty. After all, technology is available to help you gather and make sense of your law firm’s data so that you can make educated, informed decisions. But if you’re unable to collect or accurately assess the data, it can be challenging to translate your findings into strategy. That’s where this guide comes in. Download it now to learn about methods and solutions you can implement today that will allow you to make actionable, data-backed decisions.

How to Stay Productive Through COVID-19 (And Beyond)

With unprecedented events like the COVID-19 pandemic forcing legal professionals to adapt to new working environments, many find themselves confronted with new distractions, time management hurdles, and burnout. Download this guide to learn how to combat the emerging challenges associated with modified workspaces. You’ll learn how to remain focused by applying five simple strategies that will help to increase productivity and reduce stress, whether you’re working remotely or from the office.

Adapt or Fail: Industry Changes Law Firms Can’t Afford to Ignore

COVID-19 brought incredible amounts of change to the legal profession over a very short timeframe. Lawyers and staff quickly adapted to working from home and clients grew accustomed to meeting with legal professionals online. As you’ll learn in this guide, these trends will continue even after the pandemic is under control. Download this guide to learn how the pandemic has changed the profession — and more importantly, what lawyers can and must do to embrace the changes and make them a permanent part of their practices.

The New Virtual Client Experience: How Law Firms Must Adapt

Client behavior and expectations have shifted dramatically due to the effects of COVID-19. From the first contact to intake to case close, legal consumers now expect and require a virtual experience, even if they won’t need it for the full scope of the attorney-client relationship. As a result, it is incumbent upon lawyers to translate their analog processes into digital ones. Anything that you could do in-person, you must now be able to do online. Download this guide to learn about 5 principles that will help you reformat your client engagement model so your firm can retain more clients and achieve a competitive advantage in the new normal.

An Attorney’s Guide To Switching Law Practice Management Software

Is the technology your law firm uses causing more stress and costing more money than your investment was worth? If so, switching to new law practice management software may be the best possible course of action. If you’re hesitant to make the switch or aren’t sure where to start, download this handy guide that outlines and simplifies the steps you’ll need to take to successfully navigate the transition to new law practice management software with less stress and a faster ROI.

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