Watch MyCase’s 2020 Webinars To Get Your Firm Ready for the New Year

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is nearly over. And what a year it’s been! If you’re like me, most likely you’re not too upset about leaving it behind. It’s time for a new – and what can only be better – year.

The good news is that before you know it, 2021 will be here, the vaccine will soon be available to everyone, and things will likely return to a semblance of normal in the near future. That means that it’s time to start thinking about 2021 and all of the  potential it has for your law firm.

But, as we all know, a prosperous new year doesn’t happen by accident. Instead, a successful future is built on a strong foundation of planning, knowledge, and lots of hard work. That’s why it’s so important to prepare for 2021 by learning about the ins and out of running a successful law firm. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be in a position to set reasonable, informed goals for the upcoming year based on your findings.

And, good news! Our 2020 webinar series is a great place to start! Watch a webinar or two – or even the entire series – and get your firm off to a great start in the new year!

Webinar: 5 Game-Changing Features MyCase Released in 2020

In response to the emerging challenges sweeping the legal industry this year, MyCase released a number of features that helped attorneys and their staff work full-time from anywhere, engage clients virtually, and continue to get paid promptly with zero disruption to business. In this webinar, Texas attorney and MyCase customer, Benson Varghese, demonstrated the new, game-changing features that will help law firms reach a new tier of efficiency in 2021.

Webinar: Take Control of Your Firm’s Financial Performance

In this webinar, you’ll learn that you can’t wing it when it comes to law firm financials. In order to run a successful small law firm, you need to become a numbers person. As you’ll learn, your finances have to run on rails, and you have to remain in control. To that end, visibility into your firm’s profitability, billing productivity and account receivables are your gateways to increased revenue.

Webinar: How to Run Your Law Firm Remotely During COVID-19

As you head into the new year, there will likely continue to be times of business disruption, and you may find that it will be challenging to keep your firm’s day-to-day operations on track. However, clients need assurance that their cases are still being handled, your staff needs to work in sync to remain productive, and your firm needs to keep its cash flow moving. That’s where this webinar comes in: Deputy Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Heidi Alexander, offers expert guidance on how to maintain business continuity during the pandemic.

Webinar: 5 Ways to Stay Productive Through COVID-19 (and Beyond)

In ever-evolving and stressful circumstances, legal professionals who have transitioned to a remote working environment are finding themselves at odds with new distractions, time management hurdles, and burnout. In this webinar, Founder of Real Life Practice Nora Bergman offers expert advice on how to remain focused and on task as individuals with regard to your mental health.

Webinar: How 3 Established Law Firms Are Handling COVID-19

As we head into 2021, law firms will continue to face significant changes in the ways that they operate financially and operationally due to the pandemic. In our this webinar panel, attorneys Todd Spodek, Al Provinziano, and Mark Metzger share their unique experiences of securing their businesses financially and operationally to withstand the economic uncertainties of the pandemic.

Webinar: Reopening – What Law Firms Need to Know

When states across the US lift restrictions on non-essential businesses and shelter in place orders, law firms will once again reopen their doors. But with public health concerns still looming, attorneys must exercise caution and adopt new operational protocols when repopulating their offices. In this webinar panel, attorneys Todd Spodek and Mark Metzger share their approaches to reopening and resuming standard operations with a focus on the safety of their staff and clients.

Webinar: How to Safeguard Your Law Firm Against Future Disruption

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge in various parts of the country, you’re no doubt facing uncertainties surrounding how and when to reopen your law firm. You’re also likely wondering about the future of your law firm and its book of business. As you’ll learn in this webinar, one way to abate those concerns is to prioritize preparing your firm for whatever may come. Whether it’s a pandemic or economic downturn, preemptive protocols and a strong technology foundation will help you maintain business continuity in the event of future disruption.

Webinar: Adapt or Fail: Industry Changes Law Firms Can’t Afford to Ignore

COVID-19 has brought more change to the legal profession in the past nine months than in the past decade.  During that timeframe, lawyers and staff have adapted to working from home, and clients have become accustomed to meeting with lawyers and other professionals online – and will still desire the same even when the pandemic is under control. This webinar will explore how rapidly COVID has changed the profession – and more importantly, what lawyers can and must do to embrace these changes, and make them a permanent part of their practices.

Webinar: The New Virtual Client Experience – How Law Firms Must Adapt

Client behavior and expectations have shifted dramatically because of COVID-19. From first contact to intake to case close, legal consumers now expect and require a virtual experience — even if they won’t need it for the full scope of the attorney-client relationship. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the how and why of transitioning to a seamless, virtual client engagement model.

Webinar: Lookback 2020 – The Biggest Takeaways for Attorneys

2020 was perhaps one of the most disruptive years for law firms in recent history. Unforeseen events limited the access to physical offices, closed state and federal courts for an indeterminate period, and accelerated the adoption of virtual processes in lieu of in-person interaction. And while many firms struggled to stay afloat, others adapted with ease in ways that all practices can replicate. In this webinar,  industry experts reflect on and provided answers around overdue foundational shifts in the legal industry and ways in which attorneys are adapting their business operations for a competitive, resilient law practice in 2021.