MyCase + Revolutionize Your Firm With AI

By Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, and legal professionals are eager to know how they can leverage it to increase productivity in their firms, which is why we’ve partnered with to offer MyCase customers powerful, AI-assisted document review and analysis.

This integration empowers law firms to leverage advanced AI software to quickly analyze case documents and gain crucial case details. 

What is is a powerful AI tool that enables legal professionals to save time and work more efficiently by analyzing case documents and quickly gaining insights into case details. With the MyCase and integration, law firms can generate summaries, timelines, and procedural documents and sync them to MyCase.

Here’s a quick video on how it all works. 

“ has become indispensable in our motion practice trial preparations for all our complex civil litigation. It can save you hundreds of man-hours of document review by categorizing all your documents and highlighting keywords virtually instantaneously. You can ask it to look through records and locate a word or phrase or show you a particular person’s testimony in a transcript. It is an amazing tool.” 

–  Elizabeth Bingham, Chief of Election Litigation & Civil Litigation Division

How Does the Integration Work? 

The integration is a two-way sync. Meaning, case documents from MyCase sync directly to and vice versa. Answers, summaries, chats, and all related information in can sync back to your MyCase. Keep all case details and communications in one, secure, easy-to-find location. 

Top Benefits of MyCase and 

1. Reduce manual work and save hours of time by:

  • Instantly summarize documents and extract key points with sources and page numbers for every answer 
  • Uploading case documents and generating a list of discovery questions in seconds 

2. Work more efficiently and eliminate errors by:

  • Scanning case documents and instantly flagging inconsistencies
  • Quickly synthesizing case information—ask questions to an entire set of case documents via’s chat function

Make the Most of Your Time With MyCase and

Open the door to more productivity and enhanced workflows with Legalyze AI and MyCase. Request a custom MyCase demo today to see it all in action. Or, if you’re already a MyCase user, enjoy a one-month free trial of here.