MyCase | Integration

Transform how you analyze your case data with AI

Integrate MyCase with to leverage advanced artificial intelligence to manage case documents and gain crucial insights. Sync documents from MyCase to, and chat messages back to MyCase, keeping all your case information in one safe location.


Streamline Busywork and Reclaim Your Time

Save time with procedural document creation. can automatically generate a list of discovery questions, summaries, and key points from documents of any size.

  • Speed up workflows and increase productivity so you can focus on what matters.
  • Quickly generate procedural documents, such as discovery requests.

Quickly and Thoroughly Analyze Case Documents

Work through case details faster using AI to flag inconsistencies. Ask questions to an entire set of case fields with’s chat function.

  • Analyze case documents and gain valuable insights into case details in seconds.
  • Eliminate errors by using AI to scan case documents and highlight inconsistencies.

What Is empowers law firms to save time by using AI to analyze case documents and quickly gain insights into case details. With the MyCase and integration, law firms can generate summaries, timelines, and procedural documents and sync them to MyCase in seconds.