MyCase + Briefpoint: Save Hours Automating Discovery Requests

By Sammi Jones

Reading, reviewing, and crafting discovery responses isn’t just tedious—it’s downright time-consuming. But for legal professionals, artificial intelligence (AI) enables firms to work smarter, not harder. MyCase has partnered with Briefpoint to help firms save time on discovery documents by eliminating repetitive work required for responses. 

What is Briefpoint?

Briefpoint is a time-saving tool that automates the preparation of discovery requests and response documents using AI. With the MyCase and Briefpoint integration, firms can save up to three hours per discovery document by reducing the time spent on data entry required for discovery responses. 

How Does the Integration Work?

The integration is a two-way document sync, and discovery requests are uploaded from your local drive or MyCase. Briefpoint scans and extracts key information like court name, case number, parties, request type, and set number. Users can add and edit manual responses in Microsoft Word, and documents sync to and from MyCase—keeping all files in one, easy-to-find place. 

Top Benefits of MyCase and Briefpoint

1. Reclaim Hours

Save up to three hours per discovery document with AI-generated responses to:  

  • Requests for production
  • Requests for admission
  • Interrogatories 
  • Notice of deposition 
  • Third-party subpoenas 
  • Form interrogatories 

2. Boost Efficiency

Enhance team efficiency and productivity by reallocating the time your firm spends on manual data entry. With the MyCase and Briefpoint integration, AI eliminates the repetitive, routine work of reviewing, analyzing, and responding to procedural documents, so your team frees up more hours to focus on what really matters—your clients. 

3. Optimize Organization 

Reduce the chances for errors and missed court filings by fostering improved organization. With the integration, all case files, documents, and results in Briefpoint sync to MyCase for an all-in-one solution that’s easy to manage. 

Maximize Your Time With MyCase and Briefpoint 

Ready to free up more hours in your day? You can start using Briefpoint with your MyCase account today. Learn more here. If you don’t have a MyCase account, schedule a demo or start your free 10-day trial to see how our #1-rated software can benefit your firm.