MyCase | Briefpoint Integration

Automate Routine Discovery Tasks With AI

Get hours of your day back with the MyCase and Briefpoint integration—automate routine discovery responses and request drafting tasks with AI.


Streamline Discovery Requests and Get Hours Back

Briefpoint empowers legal professionals to save up to three hours per discovery document and greatly reduces time spent on tedious data entry.

  • Save time by utilizing AI to generate responses to discovery requests or interrogatory documents.
  • Sync all case files to MyCase for one source of truth and secure, easy-to-find storage.

Reduce Routine Responses and Maximize Focus Time

Upload discovery requests (from a local drive or MyCase), and Briefpoint will automatically scan them to extract key information for you in seconds.

  • Add objections and insert responses to requests instantly.
  • Maintain the ability to add manual responses and edit any responses generated by AI.

What Is Briefpoint?

Briefpoint is artificial intelligence (AI) designed for lawyers to draft, review, and edit discovery responses and other documents in a fraction of the time. Automate routine work to reclaim your time and refocus on what you do best—delivering results for your clients.