Efficient Process Serving is Made Easy With the MyCase + Proof Integration

By Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Serving legal documents is a daily practice in many law firms. The problem is, running a law firm is often hectic, and ensuring all documents are served in an efficient and timely manner while maintaining compliance with shifting legal regulations can get overwhelming. When legal documents are not processed and served properly or on time, it can have dire consequences for your cases, your clients, and your firm. That’s where MyCase and Proof come in.

We are thrilled to announce the new MyCase and Proof integration that provides a direct and simple solution to this problem. Legal professionals can now streamline their processes and ensure that all legal documents are served correctly, proficiently, and in compliance with legal requirements while saving their firm time and money. Here’s how it works:

What is Proof?

In short, Proof is an online processing platform that provides an efficient and transparent way for lawyers to serve legal documents in all 50 states. MyCase users simply launch Proof Service of Process orders directly from the case level in MyCase. Depending on the geolocation, documents can be served in as quickly as 24 hours. MyCase data is automatically pulled into Proof, eliminating the need for inputting the same data again, and the potential for making a mistake. 

Additionally, lawyers can receive live updates from Proof when attempts occur. They can also get a mapped verification of service and communicate directly with the server through an online live chat. Essentially, the service from serve to the affidavit is taken care of. 

What to see it with your own eyes? Want to see it for yourself? Proof in action here

The Top 3 Benefits of Proof

The Proof integration allows firms to streamline their processes and process serving documents in just a few simple steps. This leads to:

1. Increased efficiency and convenience

Using Proof to serve your legal document can be done in minutes with just a few clicks, regardless of the location of the recipient. This can save lawyers significant time and effort compared to the more traditional methods of serving documents. 

Plus, Proof offers live updates and tracking services so lawyers have complete visibility into all parts of the process including when attempts occur when the document is delivered, and when it is received. This enables proceedings to run smoothly and lawyers to meet their deadlines easily. 

2. Expanding your reach

Proof has nationwide coverage and the most extensive network of process servers (over 1,300). This means that you can serve legal documents to individuals in all states and territories in the US—allowing you to expand your client base or accept cases in multiple jurisdictions. 

2. Ensuring compliance with legal requirements

You can rest assured that when using Proof, all legal requirements for serving documents in different jurisdictions will be met. 

How Does the Integration Work?

Within MyCase, users can now launch Proof to start a new serve request or view the number of attempts, the date the request originated, the server, the speed of service requested, the owner, and any alerts on submitted jobs. For requests, documents can be pulled from MyCase or uploaded from your computer. 

Pricing is variable based on the service, the time frame, and the state. For more information on pricing, visit this page

Streamline Your Service

Simplify the serving of your legal documents and save your firm time and money—try out Proof on MyCase today. Learn more >>


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