MyCase | Proof Integration

Painless Process Serving

Utilize Proof’s extensive network of process servers with MyCase’s document management tools to serve documents nationwide in as little as 24 hours.


Efficient Process Serving Made Easy with MyCase

By managing your process serving operations with MyCase, your firm can now streamline service of process from serve to affidavit.

  • Simply upload your serve request and MyCase will manage the entire process from start to completion
  • Stay updated on your serve with real-time status email notifications and 24/7 server support
  • Experience the industry’s fastest serve start and completion times, with upfront pricing and no hidden fees

Streamline Process Service with MyCase Documents

When creating a new serve request, relevant documents can be pulled from MyCase or uploaded from a local computer, so you can keep all your documents in one place.

  • Access to a Proof Proof dashboard within MyCase to Track and submit requests
  • Upload documents directly from MyCase to input in your process serve requests
MyCase legal case management: document storage feature

What Is Proof?

Proof is an online process serving platform that connects attorneys with an extensive network of process servers (1300+) who can serve docs nationwide in as fast as 24 hours (depending on the geolocation). Proof is available in all 50 states and can help facilitate process service relating to any legal documents, including; complaints, summons, subpoenas, eviction notices, divorce petitions, bankruptcy petitions, freezing orders, contact orders, and much more. With Proof, you can streamline and simplify your process service while getting real-time updates, and a full view of all process.