MyCase Rules-Based Calendaring is Here!

We’re excited to announce the release of rules-based calendaring in MyCase! With this new integration, you can spend less time managing deadlines and more time on what really matters.

Why rules-based calendaring?

Calculating deadlines manually takes a lot of time and can lead to errors – and missed deadlines can lead to malpractice. To complicate matters further, court rules and deadlines change often, which means that even more time is required to regularly revisit whether court rules have changed.

Never miss a deadline again

Spend less time managing critical case deadlines with MyCase’s new CalendarRules integration, which seamlessly integrates with your MyCase Calendar. Boasting a comprehensive database of over 1,800 court rules across all 50 states, this integration eliminates the tedium of manually entering or updating relevant court dates and deadlines pertaining to your cases. And with human error out of the equation,  your firm is protected from risks of malpractice that result from erroneous or missed deadlines.

Our new MyCase + CalendarRules integration takes just minutes to activate. Learn how to get started here.

Rules-based calendaring saves time

This integration eliminates the need to manually enter relevant court dates and instead relies on automated processes and workflows. Say goodbye to manual deadline calculations, court date tracking, and the tedious task of ensuring that court rule sets haven’t changed. With this new integration you can ensure compliance and avoid malpractice. With CalendarRules and MyCase, you can to shift your focus back to what matters most – practicing law.

Stay informed

With a comprehensive court rules library containing more than 1,800 rule sets across all 50 states, you can be confident that your key jurisdictions will be covered. And because the updates to rule sets occur in real-time should changes occur, you no longer have to spend time constantly checking for the latest court rules updates.

Save money

With the MyCase rules-based calendaring integration, you can ensure compliance with federal and state-level deadlines, which helps to avoid malpractice lawsuits. Additionally, malpractice insurance discounts are often offered when law firms have systems in place that ensure proper checks and balances are in place – like the end-to-end rules-based calendaring integration in MyCase.

Seamless connection with MyCase

Our new rules-based calendaring seamlessly integrates with your law firm’s MyCase case management system’s workflows. This seamless integration ensures that all deadlines are accurately tracked and all team members are on the same page.

So what are you waiting for? Let our new integration build and update the court rules, so you can focus on what really matters: representing your clients.

Get started with rules-based calendaring in MyCase today!

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