MyCase and Milestones Integration: Keep Your Clients in the Know

By Mary Elizabeth Hammond

In today’s day and age, with online reviews and access to so many options, providing an elevated client experience is necessary to remain competitive in the legal space. Keeping your clients up to date with all case happenings is a time-consuming task, but also vital to the client experience. 

How can lawyers balance keeping on top of busy casework while also optimizing client communication efforts? The MyCase integration with Milestones is the answer. 

What is Milestones?

Milestones automates client communication via text message. Firms can send custom text messages to clients for status updates, with the option to add video chats, and answers to questions to help educate clients as their case progresses—all to keep clients informed and reduce client calls and emails. 

In addition, firms can also send mass text messages and prompt clients to leave online reviews. 

“We love Milestones! From our very first call, it was a seamless process. We looked at other options but have never regretted selecting Milestones. Their software was great when we first implemented it and has gotten better over time.” 

– Belinda Katko, COO, The Wilson PC

For more information on Milestones, refer to this video. 

How Does the Integration Work? 

MyCase users can integrate with Milestones to automatically send case status notifications to clients, improving the overall communication process and increasing operational efficiency. When a case status is updated in MyCase, or when a predetermined amount of time has passed, Milestones will send out automated text messages that firms customize with their own messages. 

Firms can also utilize mass text messages to clients for marketing efforts or to inform clients of firm updates. 

The Top Benefits of Milestones 

1. Elevate the Client Experience

With Milestones, you can send clients automated text updates. When a predetermined amount of time has lapsed or when their case stage has changed in MyCase, clients can receive automated text notifications informing them of their case status. 

Keeping your clients in the know, even when there are no major updates on the case, helps to reduce anxiety and improve the overall client experience. Sending drip campaigns via text gives clients peace of mind that you are working on their case and you haven’t forgotten them. 

2. Save Time

Milestones eliminates unnecessary communication between firms and clients. This integration empowers proactive client communication, which in turn cuts down on the number of calls and emails a firm receives and has to handle. Clients are automatically informed of case updates which gives them everything they need without you wasting billable hours. This frees up your time to focus on what you do best: practicing law. 

Additionally, you can educate clients with automated, custom stage descriptions that include video chats and answers to frequently asked questions. 

3. Communicate in an Effective Way

Customize and automate your communication with text updates that include:

  • Answers to FAQs
  • Video chat recording
  • Description of the next case stage
  • Marketing messaging
  • Company updates

Additionally, firms can send out texts requesting:

  • NPS scores
  • Google reviews

Easily Provide a Better Client Experience With Milestones

Utilize this expansive integration with MyCase, and Milestones to provide an elevated client experience. Keep your clients up to date with little to no effort on your part. 

Interested to see what Milestones can do you for? Demo Milestones here. 

Already using MyCase? Learn more about the integration here.

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