Take Charge of Your Firm’s Expenses With MyCase Legal Spend Management 

MyCase is excited to introduce MyCase Smart Spend, a groundbreaking legal spend management solution tailored specifically for the legal sector. 

What is MyCase Smart Spend?

MyCase Smart Spend is an integrated financial solution that gives you complete visibility over where your firm’s money goes every month. 

With this new solution, you can effortlessly pay, track, and manage both firm and client expenses using a credit card that integrates with MyCase. It’s comprehensive financial management and practice management—all in one place.  

Legal Spend Management Features That Elevate Your Practice


Ready to gain unparalleled control over your finances? The platform’s dashboard capabilities provide a single view of all firm spend, while real-time reporting and trend analysis uncover cost-saving opportunities. Below are just a few of the features you’ll enjoy with MyCase Smart Spend. 

  • Expenses Linked Directly to Client Cases: Never miss billing a reimbursable expense again. Capture all expenses and add them to client invoices seamlessly in MyCase.
  • Full Visibility Into Firm Spending: Eliminate end-of-month surprises with a comprehensive dashboard that provides easy, real-time oversight of firm expenses.
  • Streamlined Expense Management: Assign virtual or physical cards to staff, streamline accounting processes, and set spending controls to automate approvals and manage firm spending effectively.

What Are the Top Benefits of MyCase Smart Spend?

MyCase Smart Spend is not only a revolutionary tool for managing legal firm and client expenses, but also brings with it a host of benefits designed to optimize financial operations and enhance client relationships.

1. No More Revenue Leakage 

With MyCase Smart Spend, you can rest assured that no reimbursable costs will be overlooked or forgotten when invoicing. Your firm will operate with confidence, knowing that all eligible expenses are included in the billing cycle—preventing insidious money leakage from harming your practice’s financial well-being. 

2. Simplified End-of-Month Reconciliation

End-of-month financial reconciliation can be a daunting task for legal firms, often involving tedious manual effort to match expenses with client cases and firm accounts. MyCase’s legal spend management solution addresses this challenge head-on by providing a streamlined reconciliation process. 

With all transactions automatically tracked and categorized within the MyCase platform, firms can quickly and accurately reconcile their accounts at the end of each month. This automation significantly reduces the time spent on reconciliation, minimizes errors associated with manual entry, and ensures a more accurate financial overview.

3. Enhanced Purchasing Power 

With an integrated business credit card, firms can access credit when it’s needed most, especially during months with unpredictable cash flow—ensuring financial stability and confidence in spending decisions.

4. Effortless Integration for Maximum Efficiency

MyCase Smart Spend is not just a payment tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by legal professionals. From capturing digital receipts for costs like postage and expert witness fees to automating the addition of reimbursable expenses into client invoices, MyCase Smart Spend simplifies the billing process. 

Your firm can eliminate the hassles associated with missed reimbursable case expenses, “clunky” expense addition, delayed bills, and inefficient case expense tracking.

5. Higher Client Satisfaction

MyCase Smart Spend enhances client satisfaction by offering an efficient and clear billing process. Integrated within the MyCase platform, it ensures accurate and timely billing of all reimbursable expenses, fostering trust through billing transparency. 

Digital receipt capture and expense inclusion on invoices adds professionalism, while online payment options simplify bill settlement for clients. This streamlined approach not only improves financial management for firms but also bolsters client relations with a smoother, more satisfying billing experience.

Prepare for the Future of Legal Spend Management

Stay ahead of the curve and enhance your firm’s financial operations with MyCase Smart Spend. Join the waitlist today to start transforming your firm’s spend management and financial wellness.