MyCase + Case Status Integration: Create a Better Client Experience

By Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Creating a client-centric experience is key to law firm profitability. When clients win, so do you. The trouble is, practicing law is a hectic profession—legal staff can easily be overwhelmed by responding to prospective clients and following up with clients. When these communications fall through the cracks, it negatively impacts your client experience and firm reputation, and ultimately hinders law firm growth through referrals and reviews—the most important source of qualified leads for any business.  

Fortunately, there are tools that can streamline communications to ensure all clients are getting the attention they need and your firm is getting what it needs to keep all cases on a winning track. 

MyCase recently partnered with Case Status to provide the legal industry with a robust solution that solves client communication problems before they happen. 

What is Case Status?

Case Status is a mobile client portal that enables law firms to seamlessly manage client communication via automated text messages and push notifications. This is a client-facing application that allows clients to automatically track the status of their cases, receive reminders, schedule appointments, and communicate with their lawyers. 

Case Status firms:

  • See on average 75-85% adoption by clients
  • Over 50% reduction in inbound phone calls 
  • See an average of a 30-point increase in client satisfaction as measured by the Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

Top Benefits of Case Status

The Case Status and MyCase integration enables law firms to optimize their client experience through automation—resulting in happier clients and freeing up their team’s time to focus on billable tasks. Some of the top benefits include:

1. Experience fewer inbound calls from clients. Clients can quickly and easily check for case updates on the Case Status mobile app. When a client can see their updates with a few clicks of the mouse, they are much less likely to bog down your legal staff with calls and questions. 

2. Boost your client reviews and referrals. Clients are always in the know with real-time updates, plus they can also leave you (as their lawyer) real-time feedback in the Case Status app. Your firm can easily identify happy clients and reach out to request a positive review or referrals.  

Additionally, Case Status uses automated communication to encourage clients to post reviews on Google, Yelp, and Avvo. More positive reviews mean more inbound business and more revenue for your firm. 

Case Status firms see on average a 4x increase in 5-star Google reviews. 

3. Prioritize client management. The combination of Case Status and MyCase gives law firms an automated way to get real-time feedback with NPS surveys, deployed at the change of a case stage or status. With this feedback, firms can identify at-risk clients and better prioritize client management. This enables lawyers to address potential problems and salvage valuable client relationships.

4. Move cases along quickly. With the ability to automate recurring reminders (for a physical therapy appointment, for example), requests for documentation, and other client-related tasks, firms can keep deadlines on track and keep cases moving along without delays or missed tasks. 

How Does the Integration Work?

Case information recorded in MyCase will be synced to the Case Status app daily. This means, when there is an update or change in case status in MyCase, that will trigger events in Case Status such as case progress messages to clients, reminders, appointment scheduling, requests for documentation, and so on. Additionally, documents created in Case Status will sync back to the case information in MyCase. 

“We had a 30% reduction in phone calls and a 90% reduction in emails from clients in the first 30 days. 

Thanks to the Case Status Net Promoter Score survey with a built-in Google review component, we’ve seen an 800% increase in the number of Google reviews over the past few months. 

When looking at technology to incorporate into your operations, the questions you should be asking yourself are: “Can this technology reduce overhead?” and “Can this technology help us bring in more cases?” For Case Status, our answer is a firm “Yes.””

– Shawn Lehocky, CEO of Pond Lehocky Giordano, LLP

Elevate Your Client Experience  

Interested to see what the MyCase and Case Status can do for your client experience? Get started with a free trial of MyCase and try the Case Status integration.