MyCase | Case Status Integration

Keep Your Cases in Sync

Sync key data between MyCase and Case Status so that your firm can stay on top of all cases. Together, MyCase and Case Status can help your firm automate and optimize your client’s journey from new client to case closed.


Sync cases and documents between platforms

With this direct integration, MyCase and Case Status will sync case and document data to keep your firm’s information up to date.

  • Automatically sync cases, and case stages, from MyCase to Case Status
  • Sync documents created in Case Status back to the case in MyCase
Keep case documents organized in one place with MyCase legal document management

Optimize your client’s journey

Turn legal clients into raving fans by providing them an all-in-one information hub right on their phones,  giving them a feeling of ownership in their case.

MyCase client portal software for law firms

What Is Case Status?

Case Status is a mobile client portal, accessed via a brand-able mobile-app, that lets clients automatically track the status of their cases, receive reminders, schedule appointments, and communicate with law firms. Clients can track the status of their cases, schedule appointments, automate reminders, and ask questions using their mobile devices. Case Status also helps firms identify happy clients by deploying NPS surveys to clients as cases progress from one stage to the next.