How to Use MyCase’s Open API to Get More of Your Time Back

By Helen Coyne

In the fast-paced world of law, technology plays a pivotal role in getting ahead of the competition. A typical day of a legal professional involves many time-consuming tasks to manage caseloads, conduct research, keep up marketing efforts, and provide a positive client experience. With modern technology, much of this tedious work can be streamlined. But working across too many platforms to cover everything can lead to siloed data, disjointed workflows, duplicated efforts, and other inefficiencies. This is where API integrations come in. 

What is a Legal Software API? 

An application programming interface or API is the intermediary that allows developers to create interactions between the disparate software applications that lawyers and law firms use on a daily basis. To put it simply, API is the technical connection that enables data to be shared between different software applications. 

MyCase’s Case Management Software with Open API 

Over 16,000 law firms use MyCase to run daily operations. In addition to MyCase, these firms may be using other software designed for specific activities, such as performing case law research, automating marketing activities, or searching court dockets for information.

With the availability of MyCase’s case management software’s open API, law firms can now share data from other platforms with MyCase, use actions to programmatically trigger tasks or events, and create connected workflows. 

Saving Time and Money With Custom Automated Workflows  

Utilizing legal software APIs allows firms to customize automated workflows for their practice type, which in turn, reduces time spent on tedious administrative tasks and, ultimately, frees up time needed for substantive activities. Redundant manual work, such as data entry or uploading attachments, can be fully automated. Legal professionals can then focus on what they do best—practicing law and serving clients. 

APIs not only help save time, but they can also save firms thousands of dollars each year in staffing and lost productivity costs.

Other Top Benefits of Legal Software APIs 

Better data management 

Programmatically sharing data across platforms and systems minimizes potential errors and increases data quality. It also gives firms the ability to establish a single source of truth, with all data being stored in one centralized system that is accessible to everyone in the firm. 

Reduced chances of human error

One of the primary advantages of API integration is the ability to automate repetitive tasks.  Automation reduces the risks of human error and ensures consistency in legal operations. Automated workflows help increase efficiency and accuracy across the firm. 

Enhanced security and compliance 

API integrations facilitate secure data exchange, protecting sensitive legal information and maintaining confidentiality. This level of security ensures compliance with data privacy regulations. 

Get Hours of Your Day Back—Try MyCase API Today 

MyCase users gain an average of 3+ billable hours a day. Imagine what your firm could do with that time!

Interested to see what your firm can accomplish with MyCase’s open API? To start building on MyCase’s API, you can sign up for a free trial account to test MyCase’s workflows and access the API for ten days.

Already using MyCase? Explore our API documentation here.  Or find a consultant who can help with getting it set up for you.