Webinar: 5 Game-Changing Features MyCase Released in 2020

MyCase launched a new integration with Smith.ai, a leading virtual receptionist service. Using this integration, you can spend more time focused on practicing law without worrying about missing incoming calls.

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7:06 – eSignature

To make the process of preparing, signing, and countersigning routine legal documents seamless, MyCase released its eSignature feature, sparing you the costly delays and health risks of getting a wet signature in person — particularly during shutdowns. In this segment, Benson and Casey demonstrate how easily legal professionals can prepare and sign documents digitally in MyCase.

18:31 – Intake Forms

To streamline the collection of information from new or prospective clients, MyCase released digital Intake Forms that can be filled out on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. In this segment, Benson and Casey showcase the convenience and practicality of using Intake Forms for yourself and you clients.

23:55 – 2-Way Text Messaging

2-Way Text Messaging in MyCase allows anyone at your firm to quickly text back and forth with clients & leads securely via their smartphone. In this segment, Benson and Casey walk you through how to communicate securely with contacts and how to view all correspondences automatically stored in a centralized text inbox for quick reference.

33:06 – Text Message Reminders (For Invoices)

To prevent your staff from losing hours of their workweek chasing after clients with unpaid balances, Text-Message Reminders are a gentle and effective way to remind clients of past due invoices. In this segment, Benson and Casey demonstrate the ease of toggling on automatic invoice reminders containing a secure payment link for clients to pay quickly and conveniently.

35:49 – Payment Plans

For firms who want to offer their clients the flexibility to pay invoices in installments, Payment Plans in MyCase enable you to create a payment schedule for clients to pay outstanding balances at predetermined intervals. In this segment, Benson and Casey walk you through creating a payment plan in mere minutes so you’re able to approach clients with compassion and still be compensated for your services.

About Our Presenter
Benson Varghese is the founder and managing partner of Varghese Summersett, one of the largest and fastest-growing criminal defense firms in Fort Worth, Texas. Collectively, the attorneys at Varghese Summersett bring together more than a century of criminal law experience and have helped thousands of clients facing the biggest problems in their lives. Client satisfaction is paramount to Benson and the firm, which has more 5-star Google reviews than any other defense practice in Texas. Benson has been named an “Entrepreneur of Excellence, a Minority Leader in Business, a Top Attorney, and a Super Lawyer Rising Star,” among other accolades. Last year, he pushed his firm to become the sixth fastest-growing company in Fort Worth and the 782nd fastest growing company in the country. In May, Benson was named the 2019 Outstanding Young Lawyer of Tarrant County, Texas.

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