Webinar: Top Ways to Leverage TikTok for Your Law Firm

Find out whether your firm should be on TikTok in our webinar, “Top Ways to Leverage TikTok for Your Law Firm.” In it, you’ll hear from three lawyers, Alex Su, Taly Goody, and Jacob Sapochnick, who are making their mark on TikTok and bringing in new business in the process.

These days, successfully marketing your law firm isn’t easy. In a crowded online marketplace, making your firm stand out from the rest can be a challenge, especially with so many different social media channels available. One way to make your mark is to test the waters on an emerging social media site, like TikTok. Because TikTok isn’t yet fully mainstream, it’s easier to stand out from the pack and reach your client base. And the short, informal video format makes it easy to create relatable and instructive videos. Of course, TikTok isn’t for every lawyer, but it might be right for your law firm.

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