Introducing MyCase IQ: The AI Solution Designed for Lawyers

Streamline Your Workflows and Maximize Productivity with Built-In AI Capabilities


Josh Carter & Helen Coyne

Generative legal AI software

We’re excited to introduce MyCase IQ – a powerful AI solution built directly into the MyCase software.
With MyCase IQ, you’ll have everything you need in one place, at no extra cost. Our AI capabilities are designed with lawyers’ day-to-day needs in mind, empowering you to:

  • Instantly summarize case notes, transcripts, and other documents
  • Enhance writing quality with intelligent suggestions
  • Adjust tone and language for different audiences
  • And much more!

In our recent webinar, “Unleash the Power of MyCase IQ,” we showcase how this cutting-edge feature can help your firm reduce costs, save time, and maximize every minute.
Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how AI can transform your practice.